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Shinji Kobayashi
I started to draw manga at the age of 7, in 1995, at the age of thirteen i drew my own(proper) comic.
In 2006 startded to studying manga with Malcolm Widd in academy Yamashita, in 2007 I made the course(year) of sleeve advanced with sensei Agustin Nakamura in the Center Sesoko where i meet the art of the Japanese comic from his native land.
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no puedo creer que mi pc todavia tenga archivada la pass para mi cuenta porque ya me la habia olvidado xDDD, en fin, muy divertido tu primer comic :D
jajajaj thankyou!!!!!!i update more soon!!!!:)
muchas gracias!!!!me llevo bastante!!!
perobueno es el trabajo de un mangaka!!!:)
gracias tokyoD!!!!!
i love the expresions of the characters!!!!:D
awesome manga!!!!!!