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Okay, so this is the first really noticeable page revamp. You can see my style is really different now, and the character designs have (slightly) changed.

Also, I am experimenting with thicker, heavier lines...

Also, also I have so much work to do.

(oh god.)
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Yes I revamped even this page. It's not a huge difference, but I feel better about it.
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Hey guys! Long time no update! As you can see... RBROZ has undergone a bit of a style change. In the past 4 months my drawing style has changed dramatically. Like... hardcore. Even this page isn't completely up to date since it was sketched out about 3 months ago.

Yes, the little monkey's name is Nikko. and yes, things are moving rather quickly. :D

Updates should be more regular from now on. :)

I hope you like the new style!!
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This page ended up a little rushed. But at least it's done!!!

Those thought bubbles are green instead of see-through because of a line-art oversight I made that would take far to long to fix.

I'm not happy with this one, so i'll probably redo it later on (that is a promise i will probably never fulfill).

Ladies and Gentlemen, please meet one of the biggest reasons this webcomic almost never came to be. You'll find out his name in a page. or two. I think. >_>


<EDIT> Yeah. So. here's the deal. the new little monkey guy... didn't turn out anything like I originally wanted the first time I did this page. So I retooled him (like. completely) and changed his color scheme (also completely). This is almost exactly what I pictured in my head.<//EDIT>
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Hey hey! I'm not dead yet! |D

So... I realize I haven't updated since January and didn't even give you guys any idea that I'd be going on a hiatus... I didn't actually know myself. BUT I'M BACK!!

This page is pretty threadbare, in both story and quality... I'm kind of easing back into it. I'm horribly out of practice. OTL

That's probably the best body I've ever drawn though. which is either kind of cool or REALLY sad depending on how you wanna look it. ._.
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I recall having such high hopes for this page, as far as dialogue goes.

I had this entire page perfectly planned out in my head.

then school started and I forgot ALL the dialogue I had planned. Crap. Oh well.


If you don't know what he is then I will be personally offended.
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Wow. It's been a while since I did a page.

Sadly I've been having a bit of an art block lately. As you can see from this rather boring page.

Hopefully I'll be able to update more regularly soon.

Why yes. yes that is Dorothy.
I love this page. hahahaha.

The panicked bird in the first panel is my favorite thing on this page.


<EDIT>I caved and colored it in. I can't help it. I NEED COLORS. I NEED MOAR COLORS. Also, I added in some texture.</EDIT>
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Terry tries to be tough.

he fails. but he tries.

Oh ho ho ho... yes. It's EXACTLY what you think. . . if we're thinking the same thing.
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Ok. So I'm trying some new stuff with texturing and shading so that when i start to phase out colors it won't look so empty.

I also tried something new with the speech bubbles... Don't know if I like it.

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It's called curiosity, My dear Terry. Or... is it?

How many of you saw this coming? Probably more than I'd like, but I should expect that. But maybe it's not exactly what you think! |D


There's some info going up in the f.a.q. about "The Book" as it shall henceforth be dubbed.
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60 pages!!! Good god. I never thought I'd get this far.

Also, thank you all for all the comments and feedback and what not! It really means a lot to me! :D

I was playing with perspective a lil bit. xDD

I think I like the flat coloring style better. This isn't the final coloring style by far. But I'll ease into it.

This might be the last page for at least a week. It's finals and I'm super busy... but I'll do my best to update quickly. Expect an update around... ehm... Friday?
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The house came out a little bigger than I had wanted. But that's ok. It's mostly just too tall. :\

That's a ridiculously small doorknob. I openly acknowledge this flaw.

That's the door falling off the hinges... if you couldn't tell. >_>;;
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Confused Terry is confused.

How many times can I fit the word house into 1 page?? hmmm.
Authors Commentary

I am so freaking proud of this page. Even if if the perspective is kinda screwed I am SO happy with the forest I could care less. xDD

I would like to make a disclaimer here - this is NOT going to be a full color webcomic from here on out. My sanity won't allow it. But there will be colors. . . well, you'll see. xD
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Yay! First page of Chapter 2!!!

*excited gasps*

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Chapter 2 title page! yayyy!

I imagine updates on chapter 2 will be a little sporadically for the next couple weeks until school ends for the semester. x[

But I'll try to get at least a couple pages finished before the end of the week!

The watercolor texture is from:
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Holy crap!

I actually finished the chapter!
54 pages? Dang. That's a long chapter. I can't tell yet if all the chapters will be this long or not. >_>;; We'll just have to see.

I promised ya'll I'd finish Chapter 1 by today! xDD
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A flashback!

He's wearing the jacket over his shoulders... I realized after I finished the page that it looked kind of weird... he's not actually wearing the jacket... it's just resting on his shoulders.

ten points if you guess where I stole the jacket design. That being said, I do have an un-healthy love for Pea-Coats. I think they're really cool. Sadly, there's not much need for them in California, is there? *sigh*

This flashback would be a day or two before Terry and his family left for Kansas, and it would also be somewhere in L.A. or the L.A. area. Given the brownish colored leaves and grass I'm putting the time as somewhere in the Fall.

And no. You don't get to see who's talking.
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This page was kind of an experiment. . . I wanted to see what a very conceptual page might look like, and if I could get an emotional response from it.

I tried something like this once before with one of the early pages.