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First. I now must know more about this wonderful cast of characters. Second. I must reaffirm my previous statement that this team is indeed doomed.
I love it.
Well, he WAS the only one practicing the use of his weapon in this weird and strange new land.
She's a Rocket and a Purrloin. WHATEVER IT TAKES TO GET IT DONE!!
Mom hired a babysitter to send her kid on an adventure that.. from what I can tell.. they were told they wouldn't be going on?

The confusion is real.
Seems Sturg cares more about cats than their religion thing. Good on her.
September 18th, 2019
Oh, no. Ash found an explosive hurling wand! She no longer needs a physical source of bombs and will use fireballs to attempt to solve any and all problems! Beware! xD
Mysterious turn of events. Worshiper of sea life knows tricks to eat sea life.. I need to know more.
September 15th, 2019
Am I really about to favorite an art dump? ...who faves art dumps... I.. I do, I guess. This stuff is awesome and deserves more viewers than it's getting.
I'm here because I love the art style and the glam glam kitty. I wanted to use one as an MC in my first comic but it's still a ways off due to bad art. xD

But you'll see me hang around for as long as you feel like drawing this piece. I'm invested and I love it. ^_^
Don't hurt the hungry kitty!
Jack feels the need to exaggerate the fact that a foot tall bunny fought a nine foot snake and won? A snake that is statistically better in every way except speed.. by a wide margin..

Sure he lost an eye, but I'm impressed that he lived at all.

Good luck kitty! You'll need it here!
September 13th, 2019
I love running eevee in PMD. Makes the game actually feel easier.. but this dungeon has a difficulty spike that is harder than needed without running a normal type through a dungeon filled with fighting and rocks... Poor Milo. RiP his cockiness.
So uh.. How does one pop floating balloons with a bo staff?
Pidgeotto? Ember isn't going to be enough here.. not even close. And I LOVE the rare moments where this grunt actually looks and acts like a cat.

...Lastly.. this might be that one point where they notice that the dumb cat lost the badge they need to leave....
September 7th, 2019
Go, boy! Go! You're a prince! She can't tell you what to do!
Can I feel sorry for those 2 yet? She is so hasty yet clueless and it's hilarious!
Little lady purr is very happy! I love those expressions!
They're doing just fine without being a proper guild team. Ah well.. maybe next time!