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=Sees cover, reads cover= Nope.
Yeeeah.. I'd not be able to leave and feel satisfied either.
Cat.. is so.. dead.
Aron popping in with that quad resist to normal. Bail Milo, bail!
I actually wasn't keeping up on your DA.. but I know how life is. Take your time. As far as I'm concerned, it's worth the wait~
I mean it's not like he had many options to fight geodudes.. but Riley is going to have to step in here now.
October 19th, 2019
She's trying.
Well at least their all on the same page now.. It only took a death to do it.
October 16th, 2019
This can only turn out badly.
I love the way you draw your faces. I love the way everything looks so clean and neat. I ADORE your ability to draw expression.. I LOVE this comic.

This is amazing and I'll follow this to where ever and whenever it comes to it's conclusion!
I remember trying to roll through this dungeon with Skitty and Cynda.. Was hard. This dungeon is hard. This team typing is bad for this place. Milo is right to have Riley bail.. sort of.
7 panels with 2 bubbles a panel. You're well within normal.
October 10th, 2019
No, you're not.
And finally.. the hat. Seems big though. Oh well.
Of course his HP was that low.. He was taking steady poison and burn damage.. games USUALLY only stop that tick at 2 points.. 1 HP left or ded.
Their entrance makes them look very noble. I like it.
What if there really was treasure on the other side? The world will never know.
Rat: "...moderate but less than impressive.."

Even when it gives an extremely impressive display of willpower and determination.. it simply cannot win... even if it wins by forcing itself to not be ko'd.. sad existence indeed.