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I like to watch TV, play video games, build lego objects, read, and play outside. I like SciFi of all sorts (that includes Doctor Who, Star Wars, and Star Trek).

I am Oranges_and_Pears's brother.
October 13th, 2012
It's Mewtwo! I think!
Now I see why Hepheastus identifies so well with Hermes! They both got thrown off Olympus!
Just ignore trolls. For every troll comment, you get about 100 compliments from sensible people!

I've been reading this comic almost since it was started (about 4.5 years). I've always enjoyed seeing your new updates, and I've never had reason to doubt you.

And congrats on sustaining a comic for 5 years! It's hard to stick with it that long!
The picture of the day care lady looks maniacal!
Here! This comic is great!
I guess that makes Demeter a drug dealer.
At first I thought the ice cream in the last panel was a geodude watching them from under a traffic cone... Then I figured out that George is the kind of person who drops ice cream.
It could be a magical chainsaw that never runs out of fuel. "The Infinite Chainsaw."
What would you do if George stole all of your cigarettes to stop you from smoking?
Ooh, a triple update week!

I bet Atty will throw a cigarette and the addict beedrill will all fly away after it.
I don't mean to offend, but if you have the time to make all of these extras, why not make a page or two of the comic?
I think the Oddish is referring to me; I once left my Ditto in there so long it grew to Level 86 and was stronger than my team for a while.
She could've thrown the sword in his face.
You should make that hoppip look as scary as imaginably possible.
A short British man? Is he in a short club with Richard Hammond?
Why read it if you hate it? That's like an anti-sports person watching ESPN all day.
I always wondered what kind of government the Pokemon world has.

The anti-rocket propaganda makes it sound communist or something.
In the games, Viridian City was smaller than my 37-person neighborhood. I don't think thousands would fit in it.