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Clothing? I’m one of the few who doesn’t stick to one brand of clothing, I very greatly from generic Wal-mart brand to some mall brand.No one seems to be able to classify me in a minority group… okay if you count insanity as a group. Ha!

Music? Unlike many people, I absolutely hate Rap and Hip-hop! Hate it! I can’t stand it at all. They have no proper words and the one that do have words are stupid and talk about nothing but sex, drugs, and more sex. Then after sexing up the world, they were like omg I miss the person I was with and I realized my mistake. UGH! The music I like is everything else. Techno and j-rock, lets not forget the metal and the classic rock. Them good old blues and the king of rock. What can I say I grew up with the original bands and singers, Areosmith, ozzy, AC/DC, ect.

Interest? Art, cooking, writing, were to start oh and don't forget singing. Well, I love to draw.I’m an outstanding cook. I write every now and then. A poem, a short story, currently I’m working on one called “Dark Secret: revealing of the dark life”. Is a first person POV story of a half-ling vampire revealing stuff about her past to the world.
I just now spoted this. Umm... the last to panals he has red hair... >.< I will upload a new one later that does not have red hair >.<
I love how you bassed all the characters [minus the human] From cats you really had. In a way it's a pleasnt way to remember them. hehe