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Yes, please read the news post.
We will be back as soon as possible, so dont worry.

and in case you guys havent seen our halloween voting incentive, please go check it out : D
Thanks :]
TADA after all that weeks of no posting
we are back
ugh i havent drawn IC characters in so long, this strip looks a little off for me

anyways enjoy and DONT FORGET TO VOTE :]
Finally theres a teacher in this school
lots and lots of text.

after he is an english teacher.
mmm sweater vests...

if you have any questions regarding Idiotic Chronicles, feel free to post it here or the most recent news post : D

i want to make an f.a.q. side with REAL f.a.q. not stuff made up by us : D

which we'll prolly do anyways.....
@ Erin: nono its been decided like.... 2 years ago that her name was gonna be Canada. <: D
and Min and Su is back in action

meanwhile whats up with you guys
how do you like the comic so far? oh and think of questions cuz i think we're gonna try and attemp at a small faq section next week or the week after that or something
<: D

we like questions and comment so let us know!
GWAH i keep finding awesome comic after another ;A;

again IFTIMEALOOWSITimgonnadrawforyoupeepsss-shiftyeyes-

aka awesome comic dude 8D
yanno about the new incentive
<:'D -countershowersyouwithhearts- 8D
OH Devi, i love you so ;w;

enjoy the sparkles everyone
and vote plz <3 new incentive
AND the madness begins... D:

Alright guys, there's gonna be a new incentive sometime later today with the final two of the mafia IC peeps. So do what you do. : D
Everyone thinks of the same thing once they become an upperclassmen....

SO sorry about the late update, I did not have any access to the computer/photoshop until late at night....

Anyways NEW INCENTIVE done by the fabulous Phuzzypanda
just click TWC VOTE to see a hot hot picture of the IC cast <3
@ remix, i think bad-joke IS his name 8D

and to all thanks again<33
AWESOME you aren't cheaping out! 8D im excited for the future crazy!
;O; love to both of yous <33
8D isnt he?
Haha if you havent noticed we like making fun of our ocs.. ALOT
But here's a new character of the main cast. ENJOY : D
o__o so many loves <3 ;w; thank you all
haha is this my first time posting? i hope not...
anyways i always adore you comics please keep it up 8D <3