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Crazy Little Saru
My nickname is Saru because I'm hyper and I remind my friends of a monkey. I like manga, anime, pigs, cows, and BOOKS! I'm a total obsessive bookworm. Oh and I'm very easily amused. Uh...yeah. That's really all you need to know about me.

If you want to know more I guess you could message me, but I really doubt you would.
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Wow...that IS a lot of pages. Congrats!

But of course you stop there, you are SO mean to us, and yet we wait because it is just that cute and amazing.
Aw...only a cover? Well that's mean. Love it always. Can't wait to see what events unfold during chapter 6!
Love it, but then again, how could not?
Beautiful work! :)
Oh dear God in heaven! The drawings and details are...I would say amazing but that doesn't begin to cover it.
Aw... (Pretty much all I can say about this page. It's just so sweet)
Aw. Poor Bo. Good King. Care about your kid.

Have fun in Cali! :)
Okay this is so adorable. Almost TOO adorable. Love it!
Aw I love the second to last panel. :)
Nah, I thought you were dead.
Aw...admit Hikaru deep down (WAY DEEP DOWN)you really do care about Keiji.
They don't exactly look thrilled to go.
I'm guessing there's going to be loads of drama right?
Hikaru = <3
Oh my god! I love HIkaru. Completely agree with Reani!!
But how could they know each other?
Holy Crow!
Well isn't he so nice.
The ears make Tanaka even more adorable.
Love the last panel.
Aw...she's so nice. Let's just leave this possibly dead guy lying there were someone may or may not find him.

Good thing. I would totally do the same thing. j/k (maybe)
Pretty feathers.