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I am an artist with many ideas and occassional lack of energy to bring them alive. At the moment I'm studying 3D-animation in Metropolia university in Helsinki, Finland. When I'm not working at my job or studying at school, I spend my time drawing or reading good books.

I love everything cute and silly, and I get my best ideas while I'm sleeping.
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    Leena L.
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Finally got some pages finished! My life has been a mess with the school, and all the other things that have been bothering me these past months. But now I'm starting to get over them. :) These two pages were 100% done with pc, and I have to say that I really like the outcome. At least the anatomy is much better than when I drew them on a paper. :---D Gotta love Mirella's attitude.

EEEEI PIDÄ OLLA! /(>///<)\ Refejä otettu omalla kännykameralla XD ja silti perspektiivi pielessä :'''D Mutta kiitos! Ihanaa kun pidät! <3
I love those two drawn with japanese style! >w<)~ So nice!
I thinku ur themesongu is pretty kawaiiih and orginalu! <3<3 Moar dis pliz! >//< Also getting Patrikku-san in the comic is a sugoi idea! <3<3
FOUND YOU! \(^O^)/ I had no idea this was is SJ also! Just read it through in DA few days ago! Yayz! Can't wait for more!
Ahhh Thank you SO MUCH! ^///^ The story takes this chapter to get started, but after that, it will get really interesting~ ...I hope! :--D You'll decide that!

Marko can't run away from his duties as long as Mirella's in charge! L(ò u ó)
I fixed a typo! I blame my mouse, it's broken.
Sorry guys for taking so long with these pages! Stuff happens and I've been busier than ever these last months! ^^' But hey! Douple page! Yayz! \(*o*)/ I was also in artist alley at Desucon Frostbite this year - first time in my life. We had super fun! Thank you everyone who came to see me and say me hi! <3

Next will be a douple update as well - and I can promise it will come sooner than this one! XD The story is starting, little by little~
smoooch!! *o* Smooch that beardy man you pretty lady! (~ ´ u`)~
Awesome comic! ^O^)/ Insta fav! I really like the neat drawing style! Such a warm and nice story so far!
@UltimateFACE: Ahh Thank you! <3 I'm so happy you like it! ^O^)/
@Mannytsu: his name is JOHN!! 8D You're as bad as Mirella! xD
Representing our hero!
Actually his name is John... :D He and Marko are the best buddies during the school and sometimes they're meeting even after it! ...Mirella is just so bad with names, so she just makes them up for the people she can't remember! ;)

// Edit // In the first chapter - since it happens in Finland - all the characters are actually speaking Finnish, so that is why John have such a rough accent: Most of the foreign people find it difficult to pronounce Finnish and their accent is usually pretty clear to hear. :) If he was to speak English, there would be no particular accent in his speech! ;)
Finally found your comic, Qlock! ;) I've been reading the pages you posted in DA and thinking to check the whole story! This is great! ^O^)/ <3 Love it!
December 17th, 2012
Those whirly eyes in the 4th panel are the best! ~( @o@'')~ His expression haha! XD
Some very unfortunate events ;)
So... I suck at css, so I came up with this idea.

At first I uploaded the whole cover picture as a single image, but my css put it in a really weird position... After a looong fight with the code (with my horrible coding skills, that is), I finally gave up and decided to divide the picture into two separate ones...

IN CASE YOU WANT TO SEE THE BOTH PIECES TOGETHER, GO TO CHECK OUT THE GALLERY! ^O^)/ It's now also up to date with many pretty pictures~! V(>w<)V
December 10th, 2012
Up to Date Again
I finally managed to upload a new page. It took me forever to finish this one, thanks to my school and part time job. =3=)~ Hope you like it. Next three pages will be uploaded as a bunch, just like last time! ^u^)/ Please be patient with me!

I also fixed the first - latest buttons in the home page so now they are working. :)

//EDIT I will fix my html to get the image at the center! But I'll do it next week. :>
October 30th, 2012
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Prologue Finished!
Here's the whole prologue! :---D Next will be the chapter one! Can't wait! \(*o*)/

Here's a little poll, if anyone is interested: Would you like to have one page in around 1-2 weeks or more pages at once? If you have an opinion, please comment!

Also many many thanks to dear Ginatus who once again is here to translate my comics! (´u`) In case you wonder the language in these pages, I can tell that I asked her to have some 19th century's british accent in their speech! I hope it doesn't confuse non-English readers too much!! >__<'' (I personally think their speech sounds just great! xD) Starting from the next page, we will be at 21st century, so no more weird words ...for a while at least! ^w^''