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Q: What do you use to make your comics?
A: 2H pencils, paper, and document pens

Q: What do you use to edit your drawings?
A: Photoshop CS3 and Illustrator CS3

Q: How long do comics take?
A: Usually two hours max.
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This would be the volume cover of the webcomics if I were to ever re-do it and publish it. It's sort of a official hiatus sort of thing. Alex and I are no longer interested in doing Failed to Load but we might present something new and fresh later on, or just reboot the series. If you want to see where we're at today, just go to....


I might sporadically post stuff here so check back from time to time if you guys still support us.
well i'll be damned...
True story! There was a hairdryer in the bathroom at the second Hilton Hotel I stayed at. And the third actually did have a phone in the bathroom! Funny...

God, I can't draw polygonal phones...
Whew. One of my favorite ideas the one with the greatest popularity. New shading style (you can't notice), new fonts, new text bubbles.

Lesson learned? Don't rush the lineart. I regret it.

Does anyone see the Draw With Me reference?

How about the Bruce Almighty one?

Forgot the glass on four frames. Gahh, shame on me...
Part of the East Coast tour miniseries.

Hooray for re-used panels!
Part of the comic mini-series based on my recent trip to the East Coast. How it works is you vote on the comic idea and I make it. Ongoing on my Deviant Art and Facebook.
This comic wrote itself. Haha
oh god this is way too similar to phoenix wright now... save for no touch screen where you can see the court records....
haha, fitting a color-code city requirement? first and second gen pokemon game reference?
lmao. and the occasional CRANBERRY ICED TEA!
I have the sudden urge to borrow a DSi now. haha
Self-Destruct and Explosion aren't as cool when they're not literal. I've been putting in some good hours into Platinum the past two weeks...

Game Reference: Poke'mon Series (Platinum)
Specifications: Self-Destruct attack
It was just something a friend came up with. Plus it really is a valid excuse to cop a feel, but don't be too eager to try it out.
Because the Spy HAS to be a guy, duh. The last panel turned out the best.

Game Reference: Team Fortress 2
Specifications: Spy checking
Damn it, I just realized that I forgot to ink in the dude's other eyebrow in panel two...
Doesn't pretty to look at but worse quality a contradiction?
For one, though, it isn't Jesus, I already established that, and for another, are Jesus jokes the central point of the n00b comics then?
Arrogance should definitely be labelled as one of the seven deadly sins. By the way, that's not Jesus in the last panel.

Lastly, I think I should shade and highlight the comics, no? Those who have seen my real art would agree but with the simplified art I use for the comic, I'm not sure if it'll flow. What do you guys think?
Eventually the sub came back...
Is it considered "making fun of" or "bagging" on a teacher if you satire them? I don't like how they turned out because I tried to rush the comic to make it before my Internet died at 10 yesterday. At least the colors came out great and the lineart is (mostly) smooth. I haven't made a comic in a long time and so my skills with shading and highlighting were lacking...