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I like to draw, though it's not always perfect, I just do it as a passion and a good side hobby. I hope to entertain many and hopefully inspire few by my art.
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    Alexander Nguyen
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If you can reach back to us: Update!
</3 It's so cold here...
On-time Update
Hopefully I didn't disappoint! :O

P.S. Oh yeah, if some of you don't know what "spy check" is, check out the comic titled, "Valid Excuses"!
New Arc
Hey guys! I'm planning on making a new arc to make up for my everlong hiatus. It's gonna sort of explain my hiatus and some sort of surprises happen because of my absence! So far so good, just keep an eye out for updates! ;]

P.S. Holy shit! There's a lot of fucking color in this comic strip! >.<
Food for Thought
It'd be an epic win if he got to see those boobs.
Hey guys!
Back from the dead for the longest time!
I hope you enjoy this short comic strip, and I'll be making plenty more! Just you wait! (Hopefully not a long time xD)
Hey! :D
How about I post a comic sometime this week? :3
Not to Burst any Bubbles...
But the comic that I made is just a one-page comic only, and it won't continue or anything since it was just for my project. So as a result, sadly, I won't be able to continue this arc. :[
Pirates are ninjas, and ninjas are pirates. Did you know that?! I have the very proof of it here:
Art getting better?
Am I just assuming that because I'm hallucinating or has it been too long since I've drawn? Does this comic raise many and pointless questions? What am I doing here?!
Hey I was wondering...
What settings on your threshold do you have it on your comic strips? Or what do you use to make it so fluid and smooth?
I love your comics dude!
Honestly, you remind me of a webcomic artist named KC Green, if you haven't heard of him. He's made a series and bunches of comics, I hope you can check it out!
There won't be any updates yet, I apologize because we've been working on quite a few projects. We apologize! Don't hurt us!
Did I do anything wrong or make a mistake..?
A midnight snack is the healthiest meal of the day, didn't you know? But I guess too much of a good thing is bad for you. Oh crap, the banner's been broken the whole time...
No Worries
Don't worry now, Blue, there's a possibility that Anti-Phuc will show up in later in the comic series! :O
I Concur
But however in "Subspace Emissary" they portray Lucas as a wimp, so I just exaggerated his wimpy-ness, that's all!
New Cast Member
His name is Steve, and he's the stud of the group of peeps. It doesn't matter if you're a male or female, as long as you move, he'll be all over you..!
The end
It's the end of that arc, and yeah, surgery wasn't so bad because I was asleep most of the time.
Well, knock me over with cheese!
Do I smell another comic arc? :o
I'd have those feelings sometimes coming from my girlfriend xD