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hello everyone i am here
Alright, last one of the old pages! The new ones are less dumb hahahahh
Aaand now I'm caught up! 3rd day, 3 comic pages. So far so good.
Color scheme channngee!

Also Zorya! She's a character from a different story, but I like her so much I stuck her in here too.
I'm going to try doing the NaNoMangO challenge but unofficially... I am already two days behind ehehe. Thankfully these pages don't take me too long to do so I'll catch up! Hopefully!!
The first like.. 13 pages of this were written half a year ago so they kind of suck hahahaha. They'll get better! Hopefully!
Whoo it's the cover for Part 1!
The text in this is from Catullus 101. Shhh I like Latin ok
It's been almost two years since I updated this D:
I just recently decided to go through all my old art and I found this page unfinished. And more pages unfinished. And I decided that I will finish this comic!!!!! I don't like leaving unfinished projects around hahahaah.
So I didn't abandon this hahahah. I'll finish it one day!
...there's going to be an intense art-style shift though hahahaah. Look at this:

...I need to get a new banner for this too.
Oh my god. This comic. I'm just gonna... read all of that again five times. This is so amazing.
Year-long? Wow. Well, this comic deserves the wait :)
Oh man! Now a lurker like me has no choice but to comment D:< I vote Athan <3
But this comic is extremely amazing. And by extremely amazing I mean EXTREMELY AMAZING
ahh these updates are all so great *O*
This page is especially nice. It must be the composition of it, but for some reason I really like it...
yesssssss I love this comic *O*
umm, Modest Mouse? Animal Collective? Beirut? Devendra Banhart? I listen to strange music :<
nonononononooo ;___;
I'm hoping this doesn't end up how I am thinking this will end up. Aghh Cliff, just tell her you love her already D:<
so far, it's a manga called Mushishi. It's so peaceful..
You're very very welcome :D
ohmygosh this comic
is completely professional, art and story-wise
and the tone and blacks usage is absolutely amazing!

and yeahhh North Korea suprising everyone and scoring a goal at the very end of the matchh!!!!!
pfft forgot to log in XD
..the above guest comment is mine hahahahhh
THE END! Of the first comic, Bolt. I'll maybe post some doodles here until I'm finished with the next storyyy.
Yeahhh, this comic was done half a year ago :( but oh well, it's practice for getting better
And... er the last character for this comic, Dorothy D8
She's like.. the pet of Mr. Caulton.
This is Mr. Caulton. He curses a lot, excuse him D:
He's surrounded by idiots so he has an excuse XD