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February 25th, 2011
xDDD I love this page. I've done that so many times it's ridiculous.

Which is why I've resorted to keeping my stylus tied by a string to the end of my usb cord.
I THOUGHT that was the Prince/King I saw in 'A Loonatic's Tale'!! Damn that is awesome!

And awesome ending. Very heartwarming. I loved every second of it.
And I found it awesome that nobody actually spoke out loud until the last three pages. I wouldn't be able to do that so well. ^^;
"That's going to make you sick"
Oh, only if she eats the whole thing in under an hour. 8T

A world map! Huzzah! 8V Instant awesomeness. (I'm easily pleased when it comes to that)
And you will have never known wtf just happened.
And yes, this is a good thing.
DUDE! How could this NOT be popular!? O_O This is so trippy and awesome!
Jeez. Took long enough. Well, I'm sure things will start moving much more smoothly now. 83

OH, and by the way.
*Toricon is a metal I made up that's very very VERY similar to Silicon, but much more durable. As Bibby will later reinform us, Toricon can remain solid and impenetrable to heats up to FIFTY-thousand degrees Celsius (50,000) which is about the hottest an O-type star can get.
That being the hottest type of star we know of.

@overkill: Fixed it. My friend Andrea pointed it out to me as well.
@Justice killer: That would be freaking brilliant. xD
Last one for the day!

See ya next week. Or something.
A greenish bluish alien with pompoms on his head named Professor BibRloths Issca... And a tall cycloptic dude that works for him, quite obviously.

Bibby doesn't look very pretty in the first four to five pages, but that will change.
Thanks for waiting!
And it hits off with a somewhat smooth start! The "Somewhat" being because didn't get to post it at 12 AM like I wanted to, but hey. It's still New Year's Day. I have the time.

I don't like the Eee. So difficult to type on.
Sorry the first... I mean... FILLER page... is so poorly done up. Just drew and dressed it to get the point across that the comic is DEFINITELY on its way.

To find out more, read the News section.
"Wait, this isn't Trinitrosahfsafksalwhateveritsnameis!"
Astute observation, Holmes. 8D
I know I've been absolutely horrible with Trini. The truth is that I failed to plan ahead enough with this OR anything else I've ever done. Hence all the unfinished pieces...and the things I've never even bothered to start yet. >>;

BUT THINGS HAVE CHANGED. I've been brewing on a different story for years upon years now, and only just decided to actually draw it within the last couple months. More information on that here:

As for Trini, I'll be re-working its storyline from here on. This means Trini will have to go on hiatus for a while, and then once I get back to it I'll probably have to start the entire story over from page one.

Trust me, it'll be worth it.

Again, sorry for the disappearance and the wait and whatnot! I hope this clears things up a little.
What Kruel Said.
I dunno why the frick I keep disappearing, but I need to stop it. Especially since I kept getting complaints from people that actually wanted to follow my comic-- Wait, why the hell would anyone even care? It's only 30-something pages in. That's not much at all.


Anywhat, this gave me time to sketch out a... *GASP*... PLOTLINE! HOLY CRAP!
So yeah. Plotline makes me more interested in drawing this...

So yeah. Kruel isn't nice. It just wanted Kranky to stop psychologically begging for clothing. >_>

I friggen can't stand nags like that.
Aww, why didn't you go with the other script? xD
Oh well, this is good too.

I love how the sentry is just like "..."
I can wait. 83

Gives me time to go back and see if I missed any creepy "clues".
Yes, this is probably the most pointless page in this chapter. xD

But I really fricken love that random ninja. That's why I didn't have Kold kill him. xDD I think I'm going to incorporate him into the storyline somehow-- actually, I think I've already thought of a good role for that one.

But yeah, the entire second part of this page was inspired by a movie I was watching in which these two men were fencing "seriously" and one of the guys started swishing his sword around while the other stood there and watched. ...I SO wanted the other guy to just twitch and stab the man in the leg, because it would have been awesome. xD

So I did it in my comic.

I love how the sheaths to Kold's swords just magically DISAPPEAR the moment it draws them. xDD

By the way, once this chapter is done, I'm gonna probably start using Sai for Trini instead of Pixia. ...Because it's prettier.

NEXT PAGE... we get to find some stuff out about Kranky! 8DDD
xD I only slightly knew Morty had let Ace catch him. Actually I was kinda doubting myself.
But anyway,

All I can think about are the pants and shirts. D8

...Not wearing pants. 83