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Sam Garrett
Sam is a Lesbian Republican With a Boyfriend.

I hate artists, and I hate writers; I just happen to fall into both of those categories.

I watch Glenn Beck and I LIKE it.

I don't belong to any religion, but I'm not opposed to it - I just haven't felt the desire to belong to any faith.

I write; I don't read.

I love movies.

I love Batman with all my heart, and I can enjoy just about anything related to it, though I tend to feel disappointed after I watch a movie.

My favorite actors are usually old men, like Tommy Lee Jones or Robin Williams. D:

I want to meet Kevin Conroy. If you know who that is, you get a cookie. :D
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Get over it.
People are getting all mad because of her negative reaction. Um - homosexuality has only been accepted on a noticeable scale for about thirty years. Prior to that, it was a MENTAL ILLNESS. So it's not "stupid bitch" but "common response by a mother".

This is common knowledge, but, hey, not everyone pays attention to the world's attitudes of things because of their blatant immaturity.
Long = good
'Cause then I know that you're being sincere. Anyway, thank you very much. I'll take the suggestions into mind for sure! I'll work on my range of angles and views, and I'll work on my laziness when it comes to backgrounds. :)

I'm glad that you noticed the body language, because I've always tried to incorporate such things into my work. I think it's just as important as what's written and said.
But then the whole time I'd be watching it, I'd be going, "WTF, why is Ra's Al Ghul in this movie?"

Eh, nerdy Batman joke.
Another page!
Hey, hey! That's mighty spiffy.

I thought it was funny that you guys didn't know what it was. xD What would it be? Really gross hair?

Anyway, yeah. Another page is on the way.
50 fans?
Well, 57. :D Thanks so much. I feel so special!
-waves of specialness permeate through the computer-
They so wouldn't suspect that back then.
26 fans?
Gosh, already? :O Well, thank you. <3
The arrow in that speech bubble in the top implies that the guy is talking from the direction opposite of where he is. :o
Just about, really. But don't despair! I have another comic going at! Of course, it's nothing like this one. xD
Sam Garrett
June 1st, 2008
I really just want to have fun with this. I'm glad that people think it looks interesting! :D
Sorry, I really wasn't having much fun with this it's sort of "BLAH!" in nature. :B But at least it's an update.

And, alas, the comic is near its end. -sniffle-