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Jaya Lakshmi
Sorry guys, I wasn't able to update comics this week. With luck things will be back to normal next week.
Lol. Who knew they needed rakes in the library?
Features the jackrabbits from Urban Underbrush: as well as the Buns from Bunnies in Space: e-first-bunlympics/
Ack! I'm crying here. :Bawls:
"Using inappropriate language"? Sounds like Arson, murder and jaywalking.
@yama_doll- Thanks! I hope you enjoy the rest of the comics.
Cats are different in that they are patient, however.
Paranoia fuel right there, :D
Lol; I have missed this comic. They should be worried if Ray Bradbury shows up to support Jessica.
Welcome back. We've missed you. :)
Ah, sorry for the late update! Should be back to regular schedule next week.
Ah, sorry for the late update! Should be back to regular schedule next week.
Have to study for finals, so here is some filler I drew for Illustration. Enjoy!
Thursday's comic took longer than usual, so I posted this watercolor I did for Illustration, a revision of George Seurat's Sunday Afternoon on La Isle de la Grande Jatte, which is in the Chicago Museum of Art.
@NathanF: Thanks! Wizard of Oz inspired this punchline.
@Nathan: Thanks! May do more of these to fill my buffer.
Fine. Just trying to wrap up this storyline in a respectful manner for Valentine's Day.
@NathanF: Thanks! And long time no see; what have you been up to?
Jaya Lakshmi
January 11th, 2013
Gotta agree about the pout. Also, Sindri has a Muppet snark going for him. Keep forgetting that he's done manipulative things.
Jaya Lakshmi
October 19th, 2012
Tristan seems to be taking a leaf out of Kermit the frog's book; he has the exact same tempter tantrum! So cute.