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I think what's happening is Sleel is confusing trans men with trans women, which is why they are saying "trans men" can't get pregnant.

Sleel, trans men are the ones who are assigned female at birth but identify as male, therefore they have and are born with ovaries, etc, and can get pregnant and have periods.

Just remember with these terms: obviously, trans people who identify as women want to be called women--therefore they are trans WOMEN. trans people who identify as men want to be called men--therefore they trans MEN.
Paris is where all the homosexuals went during the Victorian Era, actually.

But, really, Ed, can you not just write in England? My God, man!

Kidding, kidding. I love this comic so. <3
Alexisapedo (lmao at that name) is right. The storyline (and art) is so much better and well done than most published BL mangas out there that it's ridiculous. Most published BL mangas make me feel nothing at all for the characters and have such shallow, meaningless plots while this is so touching and I ADORE the characters and how much depth they all have.

And as cruel as it sounds it's nice to have a realistic plot where there IS homophobia and it's not a Happy Happy Joy Joy Wonderland of Pies, Candy, and Sugarelfs where everyone is gay.

I'll really miss this comic. :')
The next chapter is the last chapter. . . D:

Richard and Henry are my favorites, I love them love much and I'll miss them. Richard, you're such a goober, omg. ; w ;

And Henry's hair, as ThePinkCrayon said, I WILL MISS IT.

Bye, bye, my dumplings~ [/sobs in corner]

On a side note, "I hope we won't regret it later!" This, I hope, is not foreshadowing. D:
I always love the running away idea, haha.
But, of course leaving Liam and Edward would be kind of sad. Still, Richard and Henry do deserve to be happy. Liam and Ed can dealio. :)

@Faery Goddyss: You probably don't realize it but you're being a tiny bit rude, (but maybe I only see it that way, sorry, sorry. D: ;;;; )
The hat. <3

The hat shall (well, should) be followed by a kiss~
The hat...
It's the straw hat, isn't? (hopefullyfollowedbyakiss) 8D
I bet the next page Richard will lean up and kiss Henry. <3

That's probably just my wishful thinking. ; w ;
"Yep, European people have the 24 hour system, which rocks in comparison to the american 12 hour system! :P"

I digress. There's only 12 numbers on the clock so the American way seems easier. XD

But anyway, Henry stop being all macho! D<
I like how Dake's randomly touching Tommy~ XD
And all this time I thought it was established that Dake was homophobic because it was "morally wrong" or something. ddpwekfsdkfgpwfwp;; or was that just sex or....did I dream it all? Q A Q My life is a lie.


I'm so happy. <3
Maybe Dake's trying to somehow maybe prove to himself that the gods aren't really possible so it won't be "omfg eviillll!!11" if they do it? 8'D

Actually, I have no idea. . .XD
-cough-theyshouldtotallyhavehammocksex-cough- >__>;;
Is it weird I had this same exact idea for my story. . .? XD
Haha, these are so cute and stylish!

Oh, and I'm guessing Chinderella or Snow White?
You know, I would have thought Tommy would be the one to like the cold (he's so pale XD) and Dake to like the hot (because he's all tree-huggerish and cold kills the poor wittle plantlings.) XD Anyway. . .
Haha, I thought that was like ... wings on the cover. Twlight XD <3
Awwww, they're so adorable! I already like her! <3 (If anyone makes an "eewww he likes a GIRL!?! It should be a boy!11" I'm going to thwack someone....)

Also Thanksgiving is beast <3