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I'm completely serious 100% all the time.
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da fuck.
not sure if this is a joke... or?

i was going to do something for april fools
but then i realized that this comic itself
is a joke. I: so i'd be unnecessary.
this comic needs more silly faces.
looove this page.
ehehe, scumbag steve.
i was gonna make the last panel like hyper realistic. but then i realized that i don't actually know how to draw like that.
i love how you draw the pages!
if you don't understand this page, you're probably not a cannibal.
so um, this page. y/n???
also didirino was my fave!

@Creamz: lksdf thankyou.

also i have a question. how would you feel if i changed the format of these pages? Like to comic PAGES instead of STRIPS.
sorry for the delay.
i forgot how to humour.
@EasyMode: amazing! the only difference though is that he can go about in public without odd looks
oh gosh this is so funny.
January 27th, 2012
ahaha, this is perfect
aaa, your comic.
i love it.
drawing billy with pants on really fucked my mind.
@Yu Suzukei: ahah, thank you for your support. i get that a lot as well. herp derp
page 30! what a milestone! (not really)
@Easymode: ahahah that rhymed!
my first character i named after one of my favourite bands at the time... and he was a generic emo kid, sigh.
///bored and commenting for once; weird///
i have nothing witty to say
except get your mandiles on
also this is the reason why pokemon games have no bathrooms.
all the gender signs are in phillips basement
still my favourite page hahahhaha
just like imagine the wub wubzzzz
@EasyMode: fuck yes.
@Bre Ishurna the Wolf: apparentLY.
@EasyMode: wub wub most definitely.
"OH EGADS OMG ALL THAT BLOOD Oh um lightswitch"
phillip you bipolar... sonofafreak.