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Alright this lil emo
loves to draw of corse
Is addicted to music
Has the best friends
and love to make more
anything else u would like to know loves just ask <3
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omg I love u hun
lol u are ridiculously good at drawing comics........=3 spleeee
Oh my ba-jesus
dude right when I read the last panel I was like "OH SHIT!" I got scared for a minute and I was like oh wait.....he's in trouble not me XD
anybody wanna join me in killing the witch
this should be a kodak moment
it's priceless
lmao poor scene kid
one time me and a friend were at a mall and she went off on a rant of how scene kids are stupid and then said emo kids are starting to get on her nerves......and then she was like " but ur my favorite emo jazzy" XD Janet reminds me of my friend
alright.....thats not always true lol....I'm emo and straight...thou no one believes me...
lol i love ur comic dear
lol kk hun have fun...