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Senseiowi się wyschło XDD
Piêkna polszczyzna <3
No ¿esz siê nie mogê doczekaæ na Bobowego arta rêki EmilyXDDD Ja go widzê nago >///<
May 24th, 2009
So from left: (Dragomir aka Rimo), (Rav - girl), (Amaro - guy) and (Odette aka Enve).
Enve have more fun being in highschool than any other of my characters^^ She has hobby: photography^^
Her life motto:

"REMEMBER, boys and girls, to have camera always with U!
U can't know when U'll need it to memorize those ' precious moments' in Ur life^^"
Guy on the left (Yami aka Zack) is main good character from 'Good Characters Team' (I call them GCT XDD) and his 'friend' (Arlon aka Zoe), main men-character in manga and head of 'Main Not-So-Bad but Bad Characters Team' (those teams don't ryly have names XD)

Zack: Zoe open this door already... I need to take from our room!
Zoe: Wait a second I need to pull out the ke...
Zack: . . . . . . Loading information... Error...
January 12th, 2009
Like, yeah^^ It's logo for my manga( without avas ofcoz XD)
On avas U can see main girls (yeah, not too many... most of characters are male^^)
Hope U'll like it^^