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I like to read, draw, and sew. I'm a history-astronomy double-major, and my main hobby is collecting ball-jointed dolls. For a long time I felt sick of the comic/art scene, but I'm going at my own pace and doing my own thing and finding that it's not as bad as I thought; after all I have nothing to prove to anybody. I am neither going to pursue art as a career, nor do I feel the drive to constantly focus on improving, and I generally do not like unsolicited advice, criticism, or being patronized - art does not define me or give me more worth as a person. I enjoy most genres, and as long as the plot is engaging I'll read anything (comics and otherwise), but I do enjoy platonic love particularly although it doesn't seem to crop up in comics very often as a main theme.
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These all look great! I'll try to get to the reply soon, it's crunch time over here in collegeland and I have a total of 30 pages' worth of writing to do and an oral and written exam to study for. I'll do my best to bang something out though!
asdjfhdsajf Ivo looks so cute. <3 Everybody looks great! :3
What sort of cleaning can be done, and what's the criteria for inactivity?

We could move standalone drawings to the character profiles page, make them clickable text links to extra images of the character?
To the slash bunkers! >D
Hee. <3
This was the last update of 2011 Ito! It was a great one. <3
Awh, this is so cute. And a little disturbing, DAMN Santa. Look out Ashbel, looks like he's gunning for you by hook or by crook, and quite literally too.
But Wes ain't complaining, for obvious reasons. XD >D
Hm. At the rate these Christmases have been progressing maybe Santa will have been beaten to the punch in terms of any teleporting into Wes' bed. XD (Jeez Mamo shut the fuck up. Seriously?)
Well, to be fair, a lot of people when playing the games use the daycare in this exact way. Most especially with particularly valuable or rare pokemon, when you can't be bothered to train them but don't want them to just sit in a PC box being wasted.
Fuck Ash stop being so adorable. <3
Chapters! Shiny!
I have no clue about how it might be fixed though, so I remain unhelpful. XD
Oh my god, this is unbelievably sweet! Ditzi you are the cutest. <3 I squeed at the third panel.
Hehehe, Ibu approves. >D
They made it, they have arrived at Wes' apartment without Ashbel eviscerating him! Baby steps, guys, baby steps. <3 And apparently, Wes is a fan of MSPA. XD

God this took way longer than I wanted it to though, I just haven't had much time to work on it lately. Anyway, I'm glad it's here now. <3
So I've been dead for a while, obviously, but I'm working on a page. But in order to do that I had to do this first so I wouldn't go insane, and I almost forgot to put it here even though I did it last week. ^^; So this is Wes' apartment, with some notes from me (and him too).
September 1st, 2011
You know, I imagine the three of them in the audience, with some other person looking at Kunzite with immeasurable pity thinking to themselves "that poor man, what a dedicated father he is to come with his daughters to something like this." (But if Minako is anywhere near I'd look at him with immeasurable pity anyway. XD)
Oh my god, oh my GOD. <3 Ito I feel so much luvvvvv for you right now, more than usual. <3 And squee, Ash's wings (and the rest of him) are adorbz!

I swear you always have the best drawings. <3 <3 <3
Pffff, Yuki's underwear. XD
Pffff, Dendou's face is priceless! XD
I LLLLLLLLLLLLIIVVVE! I was finally able to finish after the tablet being fubar'd caused an unexpected delay. Hee, I love these two.
He would be the one with the sniper rifle. He would. XD
Jegus. I don't know what I did differently after what feels like a year of messing with settings, reinstalling software and trying everything upside down sideways, but I finally got my tablet to work!! It's good to be back. >D

I think this is a bit predictable. But that doesn't bother me. Narcolepsy and the specific symptoms that Ivo exhibits of it are a part of his life whether he likes it or not (I'd say not, yeah?). This time he only fell asleep for a moment, and then woke up with a cataplectic attack ("sudden loss of voluntary muscle tone") which meant he was conscious despite not being able to move. It's fairly obvious how disruptive to somebody's life this would be, and he's pretty frustrated about it. And honestly I think he's a little afraid that it annoys Xoole, for that matter.

Then again, maybe he hates his life because he always somehow looks derp while Xoole always looks awesome whenever I draw them. XD Damn it's good to be back guys, hi all you wonderful people. <3