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Howdy! My name's Emily and I'm from a little town no-one's heard of in Shropshire England! :3

I love drawing and writing! My only issue is I have too many ideas at once!! I'm keen to get them all done but I'm focusing on just one at a time! :3

My inspiration comes from various Manga artists including Toshihiro Ono, Sakura Kinoshita and Hajime Kanzaka!

I love a good romance and I'm a fan of all things cute! :3

I have a kitty called Zack who likes to crawl up on my lap when I'm trying to draw...

My favourite animals are frogs! <3

That's probably more than you need right? ;P
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@GuineaPiggy: Oooh I want you to share your theories!! I love that people are making them :D Please let me know :D
@SaviourInDistress: I can't possibly say a thing!
@Stig Hemmer: haha! Yeah here's hoping ;P
Apparently, Mynk's hands are magnetized to each other on this page!
Do you get the feeling Helix knows something??? ;)
@vicky: oooh I'm intrigued by your theories ;)
Hey hey! ^_^ This part that's coming up was one of my favourite bits to write! I tried to hit people right in the feels ;P Also there's stuff in here that I know that you don't ;P hehehehe
@reynard61: Yep! Thanks very much for keeping up with DNAnarchy! :D
Happy Sunday! Let's start the day with a special treasure :D Awww ^_^
FUN FACT! I had to draw this page twice as I was a naughty girl and hadn't saved when we had a power cut and I lost all my progress! Morale of this story - SAVE LOTS!!!
As I said before, you get two pages for my negligence ;P so if you missed it - go back a page!

I actually welled up a little drawing out this page! ^^; The last panel gave me warm and fuzzies to create - Hope you like it too! ^__^
so so sorry for the delay! Health issues like you wouldn't believe! Anyway to make up for it I'm uploading 2 pages of DNA today :)

So looks like Helix got out ok ;P like I'd hurt him really!!
Happy Sunday!! Here's a page of DNA with no words... just expressions... and um.. an explosion!
Do you think Helix got out on time? :o
Sorry for the delays in uploads! Honest mistake!!
Enjoy a bit more drama from DNA! ;P
Expect a few more drama pages to come!! ;)
@SaviourInDistress: you might have something there! ;)
@GuineaPiggy: I know right? :( I felt cruel even thumbnailing this part!
@Capt. leon: Thank you so much! I made myself sad drawing this because I was practicing the expressions so much! Also because I knew why she was so desperate :(
@Capt. leon: haha!! if I didn't know better I'd guess Raine was commenting ;)
@Capt. leon: marble backgrounds are great for capturing emotions! ;D thanks again!
Helix knows what Raine is looking for... do you??? ;)