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So cute. I adore your style already. x)
Just a quick doodle, done on the train.
It is so hard to draw whilst moving, so the anatomy is all funky.
And my lil cousin wanted to scribble over it with crayons so I didn't have time to finish it properly. xD

@Sori:Thanks. x) Colouring sucks. xD
@catqueen13: Thanks <3 She just likes scribbling xD
@CapriSun: I know. They're terrible xD
@Le Jelleh: Thank you =3= I lurve your art too. <3
Yo~ <3
I fail'd again. D:
Sorry for stiff pose. xD

@gohugatree: ohmygosh fashion cookies? *nibbles*

@CapriSun: Thanks~ <3

@catqueen13: Thank you, I can't draw flowers though. xD

@KiMaruJunpAi: Thanks

@stoopid genius: sorry, D: Her names Liese.
Ohohoh. I sense dirty thoughts on the horizon.^_~
And no problem, I look forward to seeing more x)
Lol still stalking you Jelleh~
This is a really good idea Shuuichi x) Gold stars for you.

If I have some time I would consider applying, if your still accepting that is~ Considering it seems quite full ^^
I love your style~ <3 +fav

Shonen-ai: A manga/anime that deals with romanticized but non-sexual relationships between two males