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Yes, yes, soon! Six Black Dogs will be back :D
Tell your friends, share the webcomic around <3
It moves!! :3 XD
My apologies to all my readers, followers and those who unfollowed. Like I said before, I was on winter vacations and the Christmas and New Year celebrations made it impossible to update the comic on time.

Thanks a lot for those who stayed around :D
Happy Holidays to all my readers and subscribers! :D
:) Welcome to a new chapter, but before we start, how about some small stats for a key character?
Welcome to a new episode!
Featuring in this cover the mysterious punk from last episode!
It's vacation time at my mom's home and my old hometown. Mom doesn't own a scanner and I don't have a tablet, so updates will be a bit difficult around January, sorry about that guys! :) But I'll still do my best to get this comic going on.
@daidaishar: :D Thank you!!!
:D Enjoy!
New page is up! Also a new announcement will be made,concerning my future Winter vacations :3
:) Hope you enjoy! Rate and share <3
Fresh out of the oven, a new page! Sorry for taking a while, enjoy! :)
@.@ Ah! New page, new schedule! :D
Time for some changes!
Also, if you wish to, you can make us a donation via paypal or support us through patreon, you can find the pay pal button over this text, and the patreon link under the comic. All donations are going to be used for art supplies :)
We are in the danger zone!

We have now a donate button! All donations will go for art supplies, so this webcomic can be possible! :)

Don't forget to follow me and Nightmare in Twitter:
Oh OH! Do you want answers? They are coming very soon!
OH! What is going on? Find out next Saturday!

Follow me on Twitter:
...And here comes the interesting...
The world is pink.
If you are wondering why the eye thing looks familiar, is because the character's is slightly based in a real person :)