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For all shading and coloring, I use photoshop CS2. Manga brushes belong to artists in Deviantart.


|Yaoi Tales [ACTIVE] BL
Average Update Rate: At least one per week
Tools: Tablet, Photoshop CS2|

|Harvest Moon: ToT BoyLove [COMPLETE] BL
Average Update Rate: Complete one-shots updated when finished.
Tools: Paper, pencil, pen, Photoshop CS2|
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Sorry about not saying anything before, guys. I never plan a hiatus, it just sort of snowballs between mounds of "I'll finish it this weekend for sure, just as soon as I'm done with this essay", and "I've been quiet for so long, I can't say anything unless I have something to upload!".

But yes. Read the above for a full explanation. And the next time this comic uploads, the comic will be finished. I'll probably not post the pages here, but they'll be available for download and full-reading.

Until then, any activity, if any, will be on my DA account, XoverLover. I'm really sorry if I've made any of you feel like you're not important to me: you guys are my inspiration, and I would've dropped the comic for simplicity's sake a long time ago if I didn't know you were still there.
Thank you for all your nice words and support, guys. ; u; Such sweet things from you are why I'm happy to continue this comic on college breaks.

Also, I'm not going to try to make money off this comic, not even with ads or stuff, so don't worry about that, but thanks for the support!

And Kuro-Neko-Chan: No, I'm actually majoring in Biology, but we're required to go through a year of social work in order to graduate. o uob
Hello there. After half a year with no updates, we have one in Christmas day. I haven't died, and I haven't abandoned this.

But guys, I'm really sorry for this: it's very unlikely I will be able to upload anything during college periods. I'm going to upload a couple more pages through winter break, but I'm on a point of my studies where I need to focus 100% on what I'm learning, and I'm going to join a lab and look out for social work options. This comic will mostly update during college vacations, and maybe the odd page during the college term proper.

I know it's hellish slow, and I appreciate those of you who keep reading this for fun every now and then. But please understand, I get absolutely no profit from this webcomic, so while I adore each of your comments and your support, I can't drop college duties in place of the webcomic, even if I do love drawing it.

Thank you for your comprehension!
Sorry the updates are still so slow, guys, but I put real effort into this one. o Ao; Stayed up late and all.

I'm trying to improve my pages, because what fun is a webcomic that doesn't evolve as it goes? Seriously, go back to the first pages, they're pretty crappy. xD Sorry for the constant changes in the style, but I think that's part of the experience.

Thanks to everyone that is still following the comic. Your support is very appreciated!
Really sorry, guys. Th last two months of college, even with that small spring break, were just too much. I couldn't spare time for a webcomic when I was studying my brains out for Biochemistry. ^^;

Once more, I can only promise that no matter these months-long hiatus, I'll see this comic through. College just hands over very rough patches for my free time. @ n@
Missed another deadline. to be completely honest, this was ready for last Sunday, and I just completely forgot to upload it. ; A; Apologies. Also, not much in this page. Sorry about that too. But I couldn't find another way to transition, so here it is.

Good news is I get a two-week break from college starting next week, and I might be able to get some more pages done. ; u;b
Sorry about the missed update, guys. I had to finish a few projects and then exam week came along. I'll try to have the next page up by next week instead of the one following it.

Thanks for your continued support!
Very simple page, the perspective in the second panel is inexistent, and there's no real tension here if you really think about it.

It's moments like these when I'm glad I'm pursuing a career in Biology and not Art. xD All the same, it's fun to do, and I do attempt to get better with every page, and I do practice figure drawing in my free time (little as it is).
And with college just around the corner, we return to once-every-two-weeks updates. And we hopefully stick to that and not fall into another hiatus. Cross your fingers!

Also! Guys. I study Biology. I'm not clueless about how genes work. xD But as you all know, not everyone does. Even if they did, some people will accept any explanation if we want to believe something is true, even if there's evidence against that. Eric's birth date was actually more cause of suspicion than his green eyes.

Realistically speaking, his four sons were more likely to get brown eyes than blue. But that's poor plot points for you. xP
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year, everyone! Onwards to 2012! -lies-Hopefully we finish this before we hit 2013!-/lies- Nevermind! xD
Happy Holidays!
I'm giving you guys this page early because I'm not sure I'll be able to upload it next week. I'm going to be swamped with family reunions, so just in case, here you go. Next update should come the week after next still.

Merry Christmas to all!

Also, to answer a few questions:

1. No, Hartley is not secretly a mermaid.
2. Yes, Hartley is a tad young for the King. She's only in her early twenties here, while the King is reaching his thirties.

Prince Eliot married when he was around 18, becoming King Eliot I when his father died in battle. He and Queen Juliana didn't start having children until they were roughly 23, and from there, roughly one child per year. Their first-born was Prince Eliot II, and from there on, Eric's brothers as you know them.

By the time Caroline fled, he was 29-ish.

Caroline was also on her early twenties when she married the King, by the way, so aside from Juliana, his other two wives were younger than him by at least a few years.

I do have a pic of the princes in order, but it's very very very simplistic and I used it as a reference for their outfits. It has the names, outfits, and colors, though. I'll upload it to my DA and post a link in this page or the following.
And we start with Hartley
Guys, just a note. The King may seem like a Saint here, but remember this is Esau's father he's talking about. And of course, as time goes, stories about the King are meant to preserve his greatest moments, not his failures (unless there's an important lesson to learn from them or he came out victorious or such).

Of course he'd going to sound like the greatest guy ever. And he's not bad in the least, but he's also not perfect. We'll see more about that near the end.
Thanks everyone for your supportive comments. =) Have another page.
Greetings and Apologies.
Hello, to every fan still following this comic, and the new readers. Through the hiatus this comic has been under, there have been many more favs, but I'm aware my poor scheduling abilities have lost me various fans. And there's nothing I can say but: Sorry.

To clear up some confusion (and I'm sorry some people were unpleasant about this to other fans), the comic WAS in hiatus. Last semester of college proved to be too heavy for me to keep making pages, even in a once-every-two-weeks-basis, and when everything became too much, I put the comic in hiatus. The problem was that I only announced it in the comic's profile, and not with a HIATUS filler or anything of the sort. I now realize very few people read that section for updates. ^^;

Now, the semester has ended, and I will be able to work on this once more.

Will this happen again? I can't tell you whether it will or not. All I can say is that I'm taking measures to avoid it. For example, I am making several sketched-out pages these days, so the only thing needed is lineart-ing and shading. This reduces the work load a bunch, since I spend the most time in a page wondering how to arrange th panels and how to type in dialog and such. With this, I should be able to continue a once-every-two-week update rate when I go back to college.

In the meantime, for winter break, the schedule will be a page per week, nor a page every two weeks.

Once more, I am deeply sorry about the unexpected hiatus. I realize no one is paying me to do this, but you don't have an idea of how heartened I am by every fan that still reads this and encourages me, even with the smallest but most kind-hearted comment. It's wonderful to know you guys like this story, and it's always been a way for me to have fun (I'm no professional artist, nor am I on my way to becoming one: I study Biology), so it really pains me when I disappoint you guys.

That's pretty much all I can say. Also:

I'm back. I hope you continue reading and commenting. Thanks for your continued support!


Also, a few weeks ago I found out this comic has a tvtropes page. Huh.
Sorry for the delay. And I'm sorry to say, I might have to temporarily change the update rate from once per week to once every two weeks. I think this semester will be a busy one. ): Ah, well.

You can at least rest reassured: I'm NOT dropping this comic! I'll finish it if its the last thing I do, no matter if I always give delayed updates.

Thanks for your continued support and patience! I love all of you dearly. ; u;

Also, this page feels so rushed, but I'd redone it like four times and this was the best one. >: So yeah.
Hurrah, I did manage another page within the week. xD

I seriously hate doing backgrounds, but it's good practice, I suppose. ; u; Plus, I'm totally cheating right now, with the using of pre-made pics and all. xD

Thanks to all for your support and comments! Each and every one of them is very loved!
I could not get over the fact I didn't update anything but fanservice (yesterday) in a MONTH. So I managed to push out a new page today. o uo I'll try to have another in the following week, or mroe if possible.


So yeah!

To be honest, I never planned on actually showing the princes as young boys while planning out the comic's future events. But I saw the opportunity, and clung to it.

I clung to it fiercely, like Sebastian clings to Scuttle's neck when they are airborne.

So you get sweet little boys aged 7-8, sitting still and prim for their portraits!

BTW, they are in older-younger order. So, for those that forgot the order and don't want to go back to check:

Eliot, Esau, Edward, Everett, Evan, Emery, Eric.

And Ariel's in the corner.
AKA, the "Sorry for the unexpected hiatus" filler.
I'm REALLY sorry, guys, about not updating in over a MONTH. And gosh, its really been that long, but this last month of summer has been busy. I didn't think the summer investigation program would take so much of my energy. ; n;

But this comic is NOT DEAD. Not at all! No way I'm giving up on this, not after so many pages and all your support.

So I'm rally sorry, and I promise to have a page up by next week. O nO

In the meantime, have some fanservice of Eric in a skimpy outfit.
I doubt Sergio is a vampire. o no After all, vampires don't blush, do they? > u<

This comic is so great. ; u; Get some rest, though!
Triple Flip!
Hey guys! Not only is this update NOT LATE, it's early! Ahhh, yes, I really needed my precious vacation break! -hugs vacations tightly-

Granted, there's not that much in this page. xD It was nice drawing that much of a background for a change, though. > u<