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Here's where learned to take the lettering into consideration before drawing the damn thing.
Frill Pick
August 11th, 2019
As a fan of medium based humor, this tickles me.
@Mikko: Then you know as well as I and countless others the mind flaying terror she fled.
Dr. McConnor,
Attached you will find a photo of yourself blowing a line of coke in your office.
Fuck Off,
Markus Rowe
Mr. Rowe,
It has come to my attention that while enrolled at this university that a correlation between Spark related incidents and you has been found. While you have history in aiding both the university and others in dealing such mishaps, myself and others have begun to fear you may be more of a liability than an asset.
Please respond to this e-mail this or call my office so that an appointment may scheduled to discuss this matter in person.
Dr. Justin McConnor, Dean of the College of Biomedical Engineering
“To whom ever may find this journal,
My way has been lost.”
The following transcript comes from a conversation on March 12, 2001 between Chelsie Gailes code named “Apocalypse” and Matthew Browman code named “Pyrotech”. It is as far US intelligence knows their first interaction.

Gailes: Hol’ up. Ain’t you that superhero that got his powers from the Eden sword.

Brownman is visibly agitated.

Brownman: Depending on who told you that you could be in lot of trouble.

Gailes: Damn. You got them tights on too tight.

Gailes reaches into her jacket then pulls out a cigarette of marijuana.

Gailes: Hit this it’ll mellow you out.

Browman says nothing for approximately ten seconds.

Browman: Who are you and, who let you in here?

Gailes: Name’s Chelsie, but you can call “blaze.”

It is presently unknown how Apocalypse continues to get marijuana and marijuana paraphernalia onto US military bases and other secured facilities. Any requests for interrogation have been denied. The two attempts to learn how via espionage have only verified that her preferred strain has an exceptionally high THC content.
“To whom ever may find this journal,
To say that I have lost my way would be a falsehood. This is the way that I have always walked. To myself and my peers I have been the forgettable one. The one who inadvertently introduced spouses only to be left out of the wedding plans. The one who stayed sober to make sure no one tried to drive home drunk. The one who was never in pictures because someone has take them.

Today I hope marks the end of that. For my work, my toiling behind the scenes shall today finally pay off. Top secret though. Can’t write about it here. But let’s just say that even the President will have to acknowledge on my contribution to this beautiful country today.”
I usually just go for "too long". Prevents confusion.