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Travel to the future, pick up future gaming consoles. travel to the date of said consoles release, and proceed to smash them to pieces in front of a mob of fan-boys.
Every thing can be Maple, in Canada!
Maple Cookies
Maple Syrup
Maple Icing on your Maple Cake
Maple snow cones

But the best of all
Maple Bacon!
The use of a distraction is advised in the event of any of the following:
Awkward Situations
Awkward Silences
Emergency Escapes
Demonic Duck
Strategic Withdraws
Sneak Attacks
Hiding the Evidence
wait, doesn't that give her the ability to jump? If used with the Pegasus Boots, she can jump huge distances.
Bow chicka bow wow
Well it's not the worst acronym out there
Pokemon are born from eggs, so that means no belly buttons.
Partial Paralysis
Not all paralysis affects the whole body, or even the entirety of one part of the body. I have a medical condition called Bells Palsy, which has resulted in the partial paralysis of the right side of my face. Means I have trouble feeling and moving it. I've always amused the Paralysis status was like that, their trying to move and make that attack, but sometimes they just can't move far or as fast as they need to for he attack what their trying.
She looks Canadian
Ah, the rare and ever elusive Canadian House Witch, you can tell the difference between a Canadian house witch, and their Mountain cousins by the size of their shovels, the Mountain variety's shovels are much larger.
And here I was thinking they just had a massive army of clones.
If you fight with a weapon, never let it leave your hand. I can't count the number of times I've seen the bad guys loose in comics/manga/anime/movies/etc, just because they leave their weapon in their opponents "corpse".