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Heeey! Blaze here!
So about me, I'm young, I like music, art, sleeping and rain.
My comics usually have a tendency to be really stupid and crude while trying to cover less obvious topics.
Or at least that's what I'd hope them to do. (:
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This is fantastic! :D
Thank you so much, secret santa, I love it! x3
I am responsible for this.
I hope Momentosis liked it! [:
A) Dia has a wider vocabulary and uses lots of explicit words when she is angry. Otherwise she just uses lots of explicit words.
B) Cato isn't a very serious person. :I
C) Next week there won't be a comic page due to the holidays but I hope to get a holiday themed picture up. But anyway, happy holidays, everyone!
Sorry for the late update, I was sick over the weekend.
Next week there will not be a comic page due to the holidays, but I hope to get a holiday picture in sometime.
So see you in two weeks! (:
A) In which Dia breaks down why Cato is lucky into less ambiguous pieces.
B) Cato thinks he's funny with his jokes. Dia's not amused.
C) Stay tuned for next week! Cato gets bitched out! It's all tons of fun here at Noctophobia. :D
A) Dia thinks she's clever. She's not.
B) If I were Cato I'd be more weirded out about waking up in a forest, but, whatever, he must be used to weird lucid dreams by now. I mean it IS his second.
C) I'd just like to add Cato's pajama pants were a bitch to color. IT DOESN'T SEEM LIKE IT, but they were.
I, as well, voted last week.
Should I vote again or what?
There will be no update next week as I will be busy.
See you in two weeks! :)
A) Okay so Wednesday will be the normal update day, but I wasn't able to update until today this week.
B) Cato does not enjoy doing the dishes. One day he will go on strike to try to get a washing machine.
C) Creepy shadow? Legs coming out of walls? WHAT COULD IT ALL MEAN? D:
Sorry for not doing anything this phase you guys! ):
It's kinda hectic right now but I'll do my best to update this phase.
B) So for our first page back, we get some happy little family moment between Sadie and Cato.
C) Cato likes basketball. Cato plays basketball. In his profile (which I am working on getting up on the characters page) it mentions that he played basketball in high school. He was good because he's tall. :>
When you mentioned the possibility of Faustine overthrowing the captain, this is the first thing that came to my mind.
You should know how adorably angsty that picture is. T-T
A lot of these characters do have really sad back stories! Faustine and Seferino aside, there's also Newat.
Ah, that sounds like a good idea! I was thinking of ways to do this last night but was way too tired to function. Thanks for the advice!
Name: Faustine Savard
Age: 27
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 136 lbs
Occupation: Crew member
Traits: Brave and cocky. Deceitful and ambitious, will work hard for what she wants. Violent and ruthless with around people she doesn't like. Has moral standards and although she doesn't publicly share them, she looks down upon those who break them. Along with the gun in her belt, she also hides a knife in each of her boots.

Faustine Savard was born into a poor family in the slums of Haiti. Faustine was not well educated as a child and grew up doing work that was very typical of a woman. When she turned eighteen she was married off to a Haitian pirate named Benoit Savard in hopes that he would bring the family riches. Up until Faustine left with Benoit, she had been quiet and reserved, but she learned differently during the pirate lifestyle. Faustine loved the lifestyle, the money and the seas. Benoit on the other hand was actually quite the pacifist and hoped to one day leave and create a family with Faustine, who wanted nothing to do with such a domestic lifestyle after her life at sea. After eight years together, Benoit seemed to be ready to settle down, but before he could finally leave he "mysteriously" died. After his death, Faustine began to jump from crew to crew, but female pirates were few and rarely taken seriously. A few old friends of Benoit's were able to see past her gender and helped her find her way onto another, and hopefully more permanent, crew.
So for Halloween I drew a crossover picture with my other comic, Chasing Cheshire. Here we have Dia and Cato along with Chasing Cheshire's Alice and Liam during the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. Enjoy
Have a happy Halloween, everyone!
So for Halloween I drew a cross over picture with my other comic Noctophobia. Here we have Alice and Liam along with my characters Dia and Cato during the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE. Enjoy
Have a great Halloween, everyone!
1) I'll play
2)Pirates, Ghostbusters
4)Lawyer sounds like it could be cool, so yeah
6)Nope :)
I have seen Inception too many times, I am all for that. XD
Sorry for not updating for the past two weeks. I'm not going to bore you all with details, but some things came up in my personal life and I had to deal with that.