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-hopes up and down- ello persons!!! -waves- Hmmm, I can draw...kind of. I think its pretty good at least :P I can get better though. alotbetterifwhatmyfriendsandartteachersaysistrue.

Um, I'm a pretty nice person? ...haha, did you actually fall for that? XD I'm a teenager, I 'ave nice mood swings, crave chocolate during THAT time, am obsessed with pretty boys, emos, scene hair, -goes on and on- OH!!! And I 'ave a alter ego of sorts? Not really...He's just there ya know? Like a conscious. He's name's Demetri. ^.^ and~ I think I'm done harassing you persons with my weirdness. Byes! -skitters away-
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July 4th, 2008
aww~ poor baby~ nah, I kid, I kid. grow a pair, man. not that I don't feel for him or anything; I know the feeling when I ask out a chick and their already with someone. But I suck it up, and move on.... and try to be open for the possible rebound XDDD -gets shot. repeatedly.- ...-secretly hugs Engl when no one tis looking- X3
July 4th, 2008
-just finished everything- .....I love you. Have my babies!! lol, jk. :X but I gotta say the story its awesome. its got basically everything but the kitchen sink.I could go on and on; but I'll just some it all up by saying 'Fuck, you just got a new fan for life'
P.S: If you EVER need a extra fan girl to tell you how much your art kicks ass; I available XDDD
I just read this all in one night; and I laughed the whole damn way through. -faves-
I like some of Fergie's songs actually. has a nice beat, and I can dance to it. you know what's really sad? I'm having a extremely hard time picking out the emo kids from the scene kids. o.e eh. but, dude. I think I'm in possible teen love with Korey XDD
oh! I noticed the anime freaks 'aven't been showin' up lately. I feel slightly offended, all the other stereotypes that I fall under are in here but the one I actually agree on isn't in here anymore -feels left out- XD XP
P.S: Congrats on 100 pages so far!!!
finally! fuck! I thought I was the only one who noticed that they were gay! everywhere I go its 'nooo! Sasuke-kun straight! he's my future husband!' or 'Sasuke-kun and Sakura-chan forever~' or even worse: 'Naruto it in love Hinata-hime? can't you see that?'

Gah! their GAY!!! did you see the kiss? I dun give a fuck if it was 'accidental' I think one of them paid that guy to knock them into each other. and after their Valley of The End fight? Sasuke totally kissed him and they changed it when they aired it like they just took out the kiss when they were in the academy.

Open your eyes bitchs!!! Their gay! SasuNaru FTW baby!! >:D
That song? its evil, pure EVIL! I think it makes people listen to it. like; has some hidden message that messes with your mind waves and shit and makes you want to listen to it even if you DO know it sucks. I think that's the only reason I walk around and STILL hear that garbage and start singing the lyrics by heart without myself knowing. The song, if I dare even call it that, must die. o.e
I don't give a fuck about how many times this has been said. The female mind; a force to be reckoned with indeed.
Linkin Park is one of my first bands that I ever listened to. and so is Green Day...but Green Day didn't really hit it off with me....In fact, if I had to choice which dies; My Chemical Romance, or Green Day. I'd choose Green Day.
...dude. where the hell does she get her clothes? -is envious and wants her wardrobe-
lmfao. its true; that's why most black people get caught by the police when they try to run. XD but; me and my family have evolved from the 'regular black person' the males still wear baggy pants and we still wear extreamly high heels; but now when the cops come we run, the males drop their pants and keep running, and the female either take off their shoes and run or have learned the how ability to run with they on. Me having the later ability XDDD
I seriously agree with Arikata and Luna, that's why I turned towards emo guys for my viewing pleasure/ eye candy X3
FUCK YEA!!!!!! go Korey; kick some ass! D<
I agree with the chick above me; humans are fucking idiots who think too much. when they all just need to fuck. I mean. talk.

and; he's hair tis sexy
lmao, I just noticed that
omfg, she's telling the truth. XDD I think the hottest men on earth are the ones that cross dress for a living. X3 Seriously, I KNOW anime fucked with my mind; me and my friends were arguing over what makes a real man. it went like this 'muscles make a real man!' 'facial hair makes a real man!' 'cars make a real man!' 'rugby makes a real man!' and so I finally said 'fuck that! eye liner makes a real man!' XDD
I agree with AllE K. and Jude K.A. Boi
cha, I agree with the emo dude whose name I forgot. -raises her hand- I am black, and listen to rap, and r'n'b, Jrock, metal, emocore, rapcore, punk, and the list goes on from there cause I don't really pay attention to genres X3 And I've noticed that they all have things in common, and they usually have a some message in at least one song. And YES TuPac's lyrics ARE emotional, and most would call it emo now-a-days. Seriously; have a emo band preform one of his songs and you'd never guess it was by a rapper.
lmao. I would go beat his ass depending on what day, and what I'm wearing. and then other I'd agree with him. XDDD
-laughs, and falls off the bed- oh fuck.... that's me on a sugar high XDDDD I'm a anime and manga fangirl, and proud! though, I stopped that mixing Japanese in with English thing. I finally realized that when I did that it was the same how the white kids come up to me and try and talk 'black' or 'ghetto' like I'm slow, or don't understand/speak regular english. XP