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Comic #15 - Author's Comments
Longest. Comic. Title. Ever. Well, at least so far.

And - okay, so I didn't update yesterday. Don't worry when there are gaps in the schedule - it's just me taking a break for a little while. I'll usually have a comic ready in time for tomorrow.

And related to today's strip: I had a LOT of fun creating that wall of text in the background of panel 3. Magma Man seems to attract them...
Comic #14- Author's Comments
It's called "lolicon", it's an illicit practice, and it's why Magma Man doesn't want to dress Roll in a skimpy outfit.

(And as for the title: yes, I do know that Etna is about a thousand times older than she looks. Now will you Disgaea fans please not jump on me?)
December 17th, 2008
Comic #13- Author's Comments
It's what we tropers call needlessly-wordy expositions for otherwise normal words/phrases. Google "TV Tropes Wiki", but be prepared to lose years of your life you'll never get back.

In other news: That'd be a reference to one episode of The Simpsons - you know, the one where Skinner mentions an assembly in "Butthead Memorial Auditorium".
Comic #12 - Author's Comments
The first hiatus, the shortest, and possibly the last.

As for the comic... he's off, ladies and gentlemen.
December 15th, 2008
Comic #11- Author's Comments
It's called "bedtime", guys. It's also called "strict time frames set by parents".

Guess what Disney song in particular is being referenced, and win nothing!
Comic #10 - Author's Comments
Because apparently, people are unable to say the words


without a dramatic pause or usage of indoor voice.
Comic #9 - Author's Comments
That'd be Magma Man's impression of Tetra's "I wonder..." music from Wind Waker, for those of you in the cheap seats.
Comic #8 - Author's Comments
Who knew Magma Man was African-American? Not me, until I made this comic.

(Those of you with good foresight should be able to see where this chain of similar strips is headed. If not, then all will be revealed in time.

Those of you with good spelling will also see that I accidentally let a typo slip into Magma Man's dialog. Oops.)
Comic #7 - Author's Comments
It never fails. If an old Garfield gag doesn't work because the target's Jewish, just say that Hanukkah's coming instead. You'll spread cheer in spite of religion differences.

Because, you know. Everyone's gotta be PC.

(In unrelated news: Wow, this comic's already been up a week. It sure has gone by fast, hasn't it?)
Comic #6 - Author's Comments
And so, Proto Man appears for the first time since the introductory comic.

You have to look really closely at this one to get the joke, actually.
Comic #5 - Author's Comments
Apparently, Magma Man didn't have to wait long to exercise his ability to melt anything made of snow. And, hey, look! Custom Roll sprite!

(As an aside, the first person to post "I chiseled it!" in the comments _dies_.)
Comic #4 - Author's Comments
Ahh, the joy of winter. Who doesn't love getting presents under a pine tree, spinning dreidels, and doing whatever people do for Kwanzaa? The answer is nobody I know.

Some members of the cast of Series 9 take notice, and react appropriately. Magma Man's pyromania gets the better of him, Roll takes advantage of an earlier display of impracticality, Dr. Light "invents" a "new" season, and Concrete Man is an idiot. In case it isn't already blaringly obvious, the faces in the bottom-left and bottom-right corners of the panels show whose point of view it is.

For Roll's panel, I decided to devamp the Wily Wars Roll face from MM3's ending (and then edit it to give her Mega Man 8 clothes), since the NES face was kind of meh. (Also, careful viewers will notice that I forgot to open Concrete Man's mouth in the fourth panel. Oops!)
Comic #3 - Author's Comments
Yeah, with this comic I'm trying to maintain an update schedule that is strictly one-a-day. That way, I hopefully won't abandon this one and it'll be my longest-lived sprite comic that isn't hilariously awful.

In any case, Plug Man awakens one day to discover himself trapped in a spoof of The Book of Biff. TBoB, for the uninitiated, is a sprite comic featuring an ordinary-looking man with massive, scribbled eyebrows and a massive, scribbled mouth who finds himself in many different situations with each new one-panel comic, in which he tends to get the short end of the stick. This is what is basically the same concept applied to Mega Man 9 characters.

(Disclaimer: I, obviously, do not own The Book of Biff - the credit goes to the creators of said webcomic. This is a SPOOF, so the points expressed in this webcomic do not necessarily reflect the views of this author. Now will you Book of Biff fans please not lynch me?)
Comic #2 - Author Comments
Another one so soon after the last? Why, yes, it is so.

This comic exists as a placeholder until I get the characters page up and running, so until then this is where you'll be able to see what characters will be in the comic (well, some of them - Auto's not in there and Hornet Man's sprites aren't uploaded to Sprites Inc. yet, though I do have one standing sprite). There's also a bit of personalities in there, in case you can't see any (particular in panel 3).

And yes, the Author Specter is in fact a Black Hole Bomb with glowing red eyes. I'm so glad you were paying attention.
December 4th, 2008
Comic #1 - Author Comments
Dang. I launched this thing a couple of days ago, and didn't upload (or make, actually) the first comic until just now, making this the longest hiatus between comic creation and actual upload of the first strip on record.

Anyway, this is another sprite comic, as you can tell - it's based off of Mega Man. You may be able to immediately tell that I used a different, Bob and George-skewing template this time around - it's part of a move I'm making for this comic, or at least for the first batch of strips, to look purposefully simple (cluttered backgrounds can sometimes make characters blend in with the scenery, don't you know). The most you're probably going to be seeing out of this one is a motion blur effect or two, as Galaxy Man demonstrates.

Trivia: Galaxy Man's definition of the word "first" is actually taken from The More You Know!~
*looks at the Cream box*

Cream = sexy? I think my brain asploded.