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I think about Roomba every week when I do the vacuuming
Congratulations!! You've been working hard for this for years, and now it's finally time for the pay off! >D
February 9th, 2014
So many memories *w* Thank you for bringing Pandect back to us, Dina!
I just remembered that my avatar on SJ is Edgar! :U A friend gifted it to me a looong time ago.
Don't make yourself busier! I'll be waiting no matter how long it takes~
I died when I saw Cynthia.
Literally died.
In the Shakespearean sense.
I broke my little toe! Just bandaged it up so I could walk and waited 'til it healed. They don't take too long to become ignorable (that is now a word) and I don't think you need to splint the bone or anything. But if it's dislocated you may need to put it back in place!
Sorry this isn't helpful! I'm usually just a lurker but I love your comics and your art :D
@Tristripe: You see that sleeve poking out from his laundry basket? That's your inner chaos right there.
SHEA OMG MINI<3 AND I HAVE ROOM IN MY HOME!! But but but it's not possible (and fair on the rooster) to ship to New Zealand, right?

@MiechanMato I totally agree with the entirety of your comment xD
Lookin' much bolder. That sexy grandma is even sexier now~
I sense some foreshdowing to the origin of Aurora's egg.. Especially considering the background eevee from the first page..
STOLOVAN??? Dear Dionysus, if you include this pairing also I think I mught just have to throw large amounts of cookies your way!

When you reach that mark, you should have the characters thank everyone themselves!


You are a god amoungst comic-ers! Just the way you comic makes everything so HHNNNG-
Able, does it feel physically strange when your sex is changed?
Akio isn't really enforcing his new MAN status, what with the cooking and the face..

I vote Black Decade! Violence is fun<3
I'm never shy to give people a rundown of my sexual experiences xD Though I have toned it down now that my girlfriend isn't so keen on having that shared. My bestfriend since childhood is also a lesbian and she is extremely open about her sexlife. By extremely, I men she will announce her bedroom anctics without any prompting. Loudly. In public. But that's why we love her!

I guess people are so curious because it's something they don't usually have experience in themselves. They are genuinely fascinated but use the kind of blatant inuendo cover so they don't seem interested seriously. And the response really depends on the person, homosexual or otherwise.
You're absolutely right! I knew it was low-key, but I didn't realise it was THAT low-key! xD The creator lost her work in a housefire a few years back so it was unfortunately discontinued. It's an amazing book too. I'd scan a picture if you were really interested, but it's not really all that fascinating.

I like the way you draw boobs oWo And my love for CEREAL BIZNIZ Kresin just rose a bunch. And by rose, I mean..
Also, Martae, get in my bed!
And I'm still not sure if they are in fact referring to a menstrual cycle. It seems too easy...
Assuming that physiological changes occur immediately after the transformation and a complete reproductive system is formed, it is likely that hormones are balanced as a girl before reaching puberty. In a menstral cycle, it takes roughly half a month from this balanced stage for hormones to rise and ovulation occur. With the release of the egg comes higher levels of progesterone and thicker uterine walls. After a couple weeks if impregnation does not occur, progesterone drops and the walls break apart, causing what you boys know as a period. This occurs a month after hormone balance.

How's that for a science lesson you wish you'd never had? :P
Bezzafrayl monster Mags reminds me of Nan from Rumble Girls<3