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I like pretty much the samething as everybody else drawing(Improving)sweets
website: (in the process of fixing it up, will take a while but can still look at it)
deviantart: http:// (cause of Jacob 3/13/09)
wanna talk?: MSN IM tell me your from SJ
If you have a tokyopop read my fiction:A Dream or Reality? by me BK01

The icon is MY OC that MOONLOVER(has a DA same name) drew that I COMMISSIONED him to do.

My Webcomics:
Give me some time i plan to finish them all just umm i made more then i can handle xD sorry my imagination runs wild.
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It seems like he would XD
Haha! nice! Awesome! XD
Haha he'd probably say that XD I don't know. Nice page!
Haha awesome I wanted him to eat those fish things and he is! Hurray! XD
I think it should be fine, I guess.
Twilightstar: yays! >w<

MoonLover:wow really? I was thinking you wasn't gonnando and turns out you forgot so I was close! Ah really? XD well great I made a page then. Yes fishes seemed like a good idea.
Escape or not to escape
here's a comic page! I see Moon was gonna upload a page and decided to make one too after rereading the comic. Hope its OK I'm not even near the other characters anyway XD BK's on his own little adventure. Sorry its all yellow that's how it was scanned and there was nothing to clean it. I would of made two more panels but I didn't think I'd get even 6 panels in so I'm happy. So comic on everybody! XD
damn :/
darn so mean xD
haha poor Ki xD i'd just run out the building and go home.
@MoonLover: >: NOOOO!
oh i see those gray letters there NICE! Haha
nice! can't wait for it! XD
lol! OMG using him to open the package that is so sad xD lol
another secret comic
was the original E.C. 14 ...your a dick echelon
was a secret comic
was the original E.C. 13
yeah looks good good luck! you can do it! XD better then me i'm sure =w= haha

edit sept 15 2:22am: added a full blush on the mini panel 11. i have some other mini comics that i feel is ok to post now i guess.
knew you'd say something like that
AIM Convo i had with MoonLover about a few days ago(5? or something)
E.C. = Embarrassing Comic