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'Sup bros.

Most of my friend's call me some creative variation of 'Kiki' such as Kiikster, Kikapotomus, Kiki Kong, Kikisaurus, etc. As you may have noticed, some of these bring to mind an image of a large monstrous being that eats large buildings and uses airplanes as a toothpick; my friends like the irony because I'm a little 4'10" Irish-Hawaiian chick that falls over easily because of my unusually small feet and my habit of shoving people larger than me, then losing my balance and falling over after doing so.

My other friends call me Sparky.

[[C o m i c s]]

.In The Possibly N e a r F u t u r e .
[Ranked roughly by priority.]

B A D blood//Under Character/Plot Construction.
[Fantasy. Drama. Comedy.]

Err_aticism//One-Shot//Under Plot Construction.
[Psychological. Horror.]

[.x.y.z.]//Under Character/Plot Reconstruction.
[Action/Adventure. Drama. Comedy.]

Track: 00//Under Character/Plot Construction.

F r a g i l e //Under Character/Plot Reconstruction.
[Drama. Horror.]
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Great page!
Hahaha, she won't take those chimp comments lying down! D<
And she isn't annoying, in fact, I find that she has some pretty awesome qualities.

Good luck in the competionnnn!
"Blasphemous"?! He speaks blasphemy!
-Shot for lame irony-

I...could not do work that amazing with a regular pen to save my life. Seriously, you are CRAZY talented.
-Makes grabby hands at your skills-
And Vinny's hair looks so pretty. Makes me want to pet it. D:
Yeeaaay, updates. 8D

Drag Mark with you to follow Yuki, Hattieee.
Beautiful art, as always~

Aria needs to kick him in gear for his special person by dropping rocks on him from heaven! =D
I love your style and your comicccc. So cool, so cool~ -Fangirls over your art-

Whoa, that hit sent his glasses flying! D:
I want to know how he managed to fill Isaac's head with helium. Because, seriously. That's friggin awesome. xD
That's so sweet. ;___;

Adam is so cool. Even more so than before.

I can't wait to see "The Orphanage"! -Waits on the edge of seat-