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"...I need paints..."

" draw the Pokemon..."

Wow, George is really oblivious to not see that big contradiction! (Unless there is such thing as drawing with paints? But wouldn't that just be painting?)
Panel 6, Antione is speaking but the bubble tail points to bunny
Okay, I expected Keeby to be a part of this, but not the mastermind!
Dude, candy, your orthodontist is DEAD, remember?
I wonder if any of this has to do with this comic:
@eevee fan: If that's what it is, that would be creepy, and hilarious in a very, very dark way if you know the underlying meaning of that speech. (For those who don't know: he's thinking about just killing himself, or in other words, becoming a ghost.)
To the nearest giant fire hydrant.
Ironic how the chapter has lots of talking when the title of it is Silence is Golden.
And then Blair rides in on a horse and stabs the robot in the chest, saving his sweet.

Then they will live happily ever after.

...That's Mr. L and Daisy's Child, isn't it?
Spelling error, last panel.

"Because if weren't..."

Other than that great page.
I don't like super-guides either, however, I would rather that they would put an option where you could disable super-guides. That way for people like us who feel when the super-guide appears it's like a slap in the face can just make it not appear, but for the people who like it because they feel it is helpful on tough levels can still have it. That way both sides of the subject are happy! :D

TL;DR, Just give an option to remove it so everybody can (maybe) be happy.
@MasterTalon: You mean bored games. ...That was a terrible pun.
@The_mad_one: Isn't it obvious? Teleportation devices must be very expensive. Think about it, the places that have it are gyms, criminal bases, and Silph Co. Gyms probably have a lot of money because they get some from the government and trainers who lose at the gym. Criminal bases have a lot of money because their leaders are loaded, and they probably steal stuff too. And Silph Co...well it's just loaded.
I was confused as to what the brick joke was when I first saw this page. Then I went to the start of this chapter. Now it all makes sense!
...Drawcia just moved to Larry didn't she?
Yes. Yes we do.

Way too well...
@Syogren: or they use copy abilities such as stone and cutter, they really haven't thought of one for paper. Leaf maybe?
The Awksome moment when people on the internet start singing a Skillet song...

When my faith is getting weak
And I feel like giving in
You breathe into me again