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I've written all kinds of stuff, including comic books and comic strips but only recently have taken the courage to draw my own material. It's a learning experience but I'm having a blast. Currently, I'm doing Alistair 2 Zook and Beastly Thoughts. I'm thinking of moving the strip I used to write for another artist, Morty, over to Smack Jeeves. And I've got plans for another strip or two. As long as it's fun, who knows.
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All-purpose, one-size-fits-all, re-usable political comment. :)
Boxer guy is just jealous. LOL.
The expressions are great
mmmm. spiders...
Well, see, they're looking for Opp, Pennsylvania. He just didn't understand their thick Rigellian accent. :)
Even if we don't admit it, isn't it how most of us end up--hurling ourselves down the gullet of a monstrous clown? :)
Thanks. :)
I'll bet I did it before Family Guy. :) The original version of this cartoon was done in 1992 and has been on my old site at since 2002. It's kind of an obvious gag though and I wouldn't be surprised to find out Red Skelton had done it back in the 1950s. :)
Puns and wordplay are about 80% of what I do with this strip. :) I like puns. Thanks for commenting.
May 21st, 2006
I like that all the characters appear to be about 12. :) It gives a nice sense of surreal irony. I'm not sure why so many of your lines appear gray.
Heh. I considered making Zook's ball one of those but wasn't sure I could make it obvious enough. Besides, I got interested in drawing something transparent.
You don't really want to smooth the pixels, that will just remove detail. And there's no good way to do it in PS anyway. :)

To change the dpi, go to Image|Resize and there is a box, fifth or sixth one down for DPI. Change this on your template and save under a new name so you can go back to the old template if you mess up.

Now do your drawings using a pen, pencil or brush that is about three or four times as big as the one you used before. Save, the save for web.

Choose the dimensions you are using now, it will automatically change back to 72 dpi.
Try doing the strip in 300 dpi with a size 10 brush, then save for web to reduce to 72 dpi production dimensions.
I keep working at them. :) I think I learn something important about cartooning with every one of them.
I really like this strip. :) The only negative is that it's almost always wider than my screen and I hate horizontal scrolling. Minor, though. :)
Now with grapefruit and spoon!
I modified the cartoon to include a grapefruit half in commemoration of another great Cagney movie, Public Enemy, in which he uses a grapefruit as a weapon against his girlfriend, Mae Clarke. :)
If it seems obscure, hold your nose and read the caption out loud. :)
Thanks. :)