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I almost died just viewing the first panel XD WHY MUST YOU TEASE?! I wish my couch was that big T__T
fwrifybr OH GOD YES
PHAIL Haru XD But if we're gonna like the next page then Shiratori must be in the same intelligence boat >:D
oh god the second panel is just adorable >.<
Dogpile!!!! <3
I'll laugh if the Nidoran had only like, 2HP left XD
oh god he's ADORABLE >.< It sucks that the only name of Haru's friends we know is Ta-chan and not this adorable cookie monster T__T
Immigration XD Lovely plan Haru. That'll definitely work XD
lolz for Haru's "Call the police D:" face. (alien is a normal feeling?) I'm glad you found the time to update this though ^^ And trust me, all your fans like you XD
DUNDUN. Its cause he lurves you Haru XD Have fun in Italy btw ;D (just came back from a trip to italy about a week ago. expensive T__T)
I love how dragonthing's face goes from "Oh that's nice." to 'WTfBBQ NOT GONNA HAPPEN"

Yeah I just smashed my head onto my keyboard in two different alphabets. I THINK I JUST DIED A BIT INSIDE FROM AWESOME/CUTE OVERLOAD >////<
That dragonthing's grin in the last panel XD Lol charmander, lol.
lolz XD That flower makes me giggle every time >.<
"Victory-in road form" made me laugh so hard XD And that's because that is honestly something i would have said >.> Well actually, I would have said 'road of the victorious variety', but still XD Anyways, this is going great so far and the charmander is still so freaking cute >.<
but my imagination hates leashes!
the starbucks i was drinking went down the wrong way when I saw the tail in the last panel XD Thank god I switched windows before my mom walked in going all "are you ok?! I hear you choking!"
lol. You have no idea how much I love this XD