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I'll make a comic one day! I can never really do it on a regular basis...
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    Cimoc Sekai (not really, go away)
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i wanetd To b eteh knew autor bbut i dnot Know how to maek SOnic spritess
i dnot vote nnot To get shuhi gummi kikced Casue hes srpite issnt aas goo das blulinnks


+1 For SUhsi
Coca Cola....
You forgot Dasani.
Why a French colisseum you ask?

Well think about it, the French always give up without even putting up a fight, so where better would you proclaim that you are ruler of the world than in France?....

..... Maybe Canada.....

I think I understand how this makes sense. You always make jokes about how pikachu is such a terrible pokemon but you never actually drew pikachu, at least I don't remember you ever drawing pikachu. I believe in an author comment you gave the reason that you never draw pikachu is because you stink at drawing pikachu. Thus the point that pikachu is drawn so terribly on this page, you have been traumatized with trying to draw pikachu and you just went berserk.

Am I correct or is it just randomness in the comic again.
I wonder how long Piplup watches the countdown every day.....

Edit: Here reidy, this is probably a better description of it.

Well, good luck with the cat.

Nice page. Nothing else to really say...
I love Skitty in the 3rd last panel. Looks great.

Great page.
You're getting much better at drawing pokemon! In the first pokemon comic you only drew Tangela for a few panels.

Good luck with the rest of the comic!

Edit: By the way, when he's melting in the water, his sunglasses break even more! Do the sunglasses melt too?!
Nooo! that is not possible! Only cakes can lie! It must have been a cake disguised as a pie!

Or the guy just gave kirby a pie, both of those work....
uuuuuuh, random poke-time!

starts with "D", ice, small and light.....

Great page. Nothing else to say. Made me laugh.

Let's see.... Shinx & Lotad.

Just putting random things into the pokedex in and making random guesses with what comes out. :-D
The only thing I've ever heard from yoshi freak is complaints, kinda annoying >_<

It's almost like the inferno blasts are like this comic's shoop da whoop. Except not everyone has to shoot it out of their mouth.

Question: Will the main character be able to do inferno blasts when he's not a pokemon or is it just a special poke-power?
The repairman sounds like Mario.

Hmm, what am I gonna guess....

Marill, Rhydon, and Wailord
Ahahaha! Mudkip doing an Inferno Blast! Then again, this is the first time the main character has done the inferno blast.

So I herd you lieks mudkipz
The only two things I can guess are Skitty and Pikachu, but since the author said it would be completely random, I'll just go and pick some that I think he might do

1: Rattata
2: diglett
3: seaking
4: mudkipz
5: Cherubi
6: Piplup
Wow, 50 fans already!

I'm amazed, simply amazed...
If you ask me, it doesn't look like a bunch of random scribbles, it looks like a map only waddle dee can follow because he's the only one who knows what it means lol
That's sad..... Also very sad that someone would actually say 'games are only good if you kill people with guns'. Who the hell did you hear that one from?

Woah woah wait a minute!!! The avatar all the way to the left looks like Michael Jackson!!
that doesn't mean you can't be forbidden to go......