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Fantastic picture and good luck General Winter!
Don't give up yet! This story is to good to be given up on!
*squee!* A fellow nano-er! =D (a fellow comic artist at that!)

*SUPPORT! + HUGS!* YEAH! KEEP GOIN' GIRL! This comic is one of the most awesome Pokemon ones I've ever seen, and by far the most awesome for Mystery Dungeon yet. (even if it isn't very far yet)

I love where its going and how your developing Asa. :') (Its just so beautiful) And I totally understand what you're going through.

GASP! You updated the cover?! (goes to look) WAH! Its beautiful!

Honey, please don't give up! Just keep going and don't look back at your old stuff too much, it just gets depressing, but kind of fun when you compare your old stuff with your new just to see how much better you've gotten.

As for the uniform thing...Yeah that would be fun, but not necessary. :) I think it's fine the way it is.

Best of luck with Nano! I'm rooting for ya! (sends up fangirl flag)

-Note to self: Must remember to make fanart for this story after nano or when procrastinating...-
Wow that's so beautiful!
The coloring is fantastic, and the poses/interaction betwen the two characters make me think of a paus de deux. :)
Great job! And congrats on the thirty fans!
I vote for the depressing chapter update. (the holidays may be nice and all, but a continuation is needed really, really badly)
Finally the last page of the Prologue.

Chapter one is next, look forward to it!
Ta-Da! Here is page four. Enjoy!
Okay so the hands are not the greatest in the world...and yes they are positioned wrong, but oh well. This comic is a learning experience, and the rest of the picture looks pretty at least.
Hahh...It has been a while. Good comic by the way. The art work is lovely, and the story is quite interesting. I look forward to seeing where this story goes.
Page 2 complete and posted WOOOT!
Somehow this page turned out much better than the previous one... Ah well, this comic is a learning experience above all else.

Thank you for visiting/reading!
I am so glad to start posting things... This page marks the beginning of the story, the introduction of our friendly neighborhood narrator, and a lesson about digital coloring for my self.

This comic will (hopefully) update on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule with a two week break between chapters. Any disruption in the posting schedule is fully my fault and can be blamed on poor planning and even poorer page prep.

Hope you enjoy this story!
Ha, ha, cute. Keep up the good work.
Coming Soon!
Hello and welcome to Princess Tutu and the Secret Six! At the moment we're under construction and not much is up, but feel free to stick around and discover for your self the pure awesomeness that is Princess Tutu and the Secret six.
This is a really cute comic you have here. I look forward to where you take it next.
Hmm...well one things for sure, this story is about to get very interesting, if not deadly, within the next few pages. Please update soon.
Yay an update!
This is such a cute, simple relationship-y, comic it deserves all the fans it can get!

I look forward to the next chapter. I have a feeling that it's gonna be just as cute, if not even cuter, as the first chapter.

Good luck, and keep up the good work!
Wow, this is pretty good. I do believe that this is your best page so far. I enjoy your effort and I'm wondering what program you used.

Over all good job so far, this comic looks interesting and I look forward to seeing where it goes from here.
I <3 this Pumpkin.
Woot! Funny Filler!

Good luck with nanowrimo, I'm so happy that I'm not the only comic maker doing it this year.
October 13th, 2008
Aww, what a sweet way to end chapter one. Best of luck with chapter two though, I look forward to seeing it when you finally post it.
Haha! YES! Finally they kiss! And not in a pervy way either.

I'll be sad to see this comic end but I'll be glad as well. This is a fantastic story in an genre that has so little good and so much...not good.

I must see what happens next but am willing to wait until the next post.

Much Luck and Love vibes being sent your way!