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I love to watch anime and make my own manga and some fan fics(i'm kinda big on the Naruto fics.)
I've been drawing anime for 4 years but been drawing like all my life.
My favorite anime is Naruto, Death Note,Vampire Knight and Shugo chara.
Believe it or not i got into anime when i watch Yugi-oh heh heh.
But anyway i have a little twin sister who registered a few monthes before me.
I really want to be a manga artist some day and i think this is where it's starts.
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Like the flash!!
Hey what type of flash do u use?
I know this one doesn't have one but the others do and i luv it! Nice manga so far btw ^^
January 7th, 2009
This is awesome!!!It's so dynamic!Keep up the good work!
I love this it's really good so far!!I'm making a vampire story to(actually i'm making like a million of them but only one will go somewhere hehheh...)
Anyway but sa'more up soon and i love the photograph of the house,veeery creative!

P.S. heh if you see another comment of mine delete it if you can i'm still kinda new here and i have know idea what i was doin.
So far i loves it!!x3
i'M making a few vampire stories but only one will make it on here first.Actually i just made one today!hehe
Keep up the good work and put sa'more up i can't wait to read them ^^
BTW i love your coloring ^^