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I'm someone who likes to laugh, whether that be at something witty, or something ridiculous (such as a character being stereotypically British) or just incredibly unPC.

Other things I like doing are reading, drawing, gaming and going to coffee shops with friends for a cuppa.
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I'm incredible late to this party I know (Several years in fact), but only just happened to see your webcomic pop up in recommendations and the title got me, and then I read what it was about and my gut instinct told me that it was going to be good.

I literally just read the entire thing in one go.
As someone with PTSD myself (hence the reliance on the gut instinct) I thought you did brilliantly with the nightmares, the numbness and the feeling of just existing not actually living anymore, and the being on edge and needing to be brought back to the present.
It was painful to see/read, but such a brutally honest portrayal, without the added stigma, that it kept me engaged and hoping that Will would be able to get better. :)

It was a whirlwind adventure of feels that almost had me sobbing my eyes out unshamedly for a lot of it.

So thank you for creating this beautiful, and powerfully emotive comic. It took my breath away.
No Drew! NO!
Oh man...this comic brought all those times back to me...

I've had the same on four occasions. All bar one (Which was still at a table in a full family restaurant) relating to hen and stag dos where people have decided to loudly announce or tell other people that I'm Bi. (Pan's probably more fitting but I'm not the one announcing it.)

So I can understand why Ky's annoyed...The difference is I liked that Devon and Holly pointed out it was an assholish thing to do.

Drew might be able to grow from this... and I really really hope he does. (No one was on hand who was be able to comprehend why I was upset that complete strangers who didn't even know my name now knew my sexuality...kinda.)
Hahaha, nice to see Rain catching on, and the last panel made me grin. :D

I knew Rain could rock short hair, and if nothing else this page proves it.

(Car scenes... my god, I don't envy you. Still well done on making it look good.
One minor point though that the safety dork in me noticed...
Rain, Emily put your seat belts on... Safety first ladies! XD)
There is nothing to apologise for. Yes the last page was shocking, and anyone with an ounce of empathy in them can feel the the devastation that this has caused Rain.

If we cared less about her and her struggles then the page would never have been as powerful. It's a testament to what you're doing that so many people have felt the need to comment.

Those who are asking you to change it really shouldn't be, because this happens to some people, and yes it's horrible, and yes you wouldn't wish it on anyone, but terrible things happen, and you have to get through them. Yes they're hard and yes they leave scars but it they're also a testament to your strength.

If nothing else, I feel closer to Rain now because of it, so much so that I've started a doodle whilst only half watching one of my tennis heroes play. (This hasn't ever happened so please take it as a compliment.)
Awwww, Rain, darling, I know you didn't want it and it certainly should never have been done to you without your consent..., but you can rock that look! I hope that happens because I hate people using awful tactics to try and hurt others and stamp all over them.

(As a girl with short hair myself... who also has a thing for cute girls with short hair...I was actually devastated by this page. Whilst I hate having long hair, I can understand why it would be a crutch of Rain's. I just hope Emily can help comfort her and make her see that she doesn't need long hair to be the lil lady she is, and Rain can turn this terrible attack on a person into something a bit more positive and grow further.)

(Also I now wantt to draw Rain with short hair...)
Another WIN for LOVE :D
It's brilliant news, and a piece of news I didn't quite believe when I first read it, it wasn't until I saw it on the news that I believed it was real. We've been celebrating for you guys over here too. (Any excuse for a party, but it's been the hot topic of discussions too. After Ireland voted it in we had hopes to hear of love winning out in the end over in America too.)

@Luvbster: Hopefully I might be able to help you feel a little easier.

For one you don't have to think of them as bad guys. Don't let people tell you that you should.
Though everyone is wrong sometimes and on this fact they just happen to be wrong.

As you said, they were probably raised that way and never met with anyone who could open their eyes, and hopefully the fall out from this is that they realise that just because some people can now marry, doesn't undermine them when they get married.

It doesn't affect their status as married. It just means that other people who don't affect their lives get to spend it together with all the rights and protections that go with marriage. (Surely that would be difficult for anyone to argue against that?)

(Yes I know I'm falling into your point about everyone only hangs around people who will ultimately agree with them, but it's something that has been so logical to me, I was gutted that it was only recently that my country passed a bill so marriage wasn't an het exclusive.
I felt it should have been years ago. Civil partnership didn't technically really even need to be a thing, should have just been marriage in the first place.)

I can understand your concern though, unfortunately for them, it means they will be forever on the wrong side of history.
If a film is ever made about it, then many who opposed will be portrayed like slave owners, or like people against suffrage, or anti civil rights groups and many other things that we have the privilege to actually take for granted, but it's history that we also shouldn't forget about.

There might be some kind of explanation, or attempt to help a future audience understand, but in years for now it will make no logical sense to those hearing about it.

Heck, the length of my life span, which hasn't been that long, Richmond virginia had segregation between 'people of colour' and 'whites'. Black people, for example, couldn't go into parks because they were black. Which to most people (except racists) now days just seems insane. (I'm a tennis fan and recently saw a documentary on Arthur Ashe's life, hence the example.)

However, more importantly that the people who fought against it, is that the bill was passed which now gives lots of protection to same sex couples who didn't have the same rights as het couples.

Good people can still practice their beliefs. Probably the best point I could make is that if Ireland a heavily catholic country voted for marriage equality, and they can still practice their beliefs quite merrily, that America will have any problems.

I know we (the rest of the world) like to give Americans stick, but seriously, we know you're actually a lot better than you get portrayed as. (Just as not every Brit is villainous, though I'm going to pretend that the stereotype of us all sounding sexy is true.)

Not to mention that love winning, and marriage equality being passed isn't going to change that at all. Just means everyone can get a slice of wedding cake ;D

As for your friend's quote, not sure if they were saying as such, but I'd say that's a good thing, if those couples want kids, they can adopt one of the many kids who are currently stuck in care without much hope of finding a family. So the couple get a child to love and look after, and the child gets to be loved and have their own family. Surely that's got to be win win. *thumbs up*

(If anything doesn't make sense I have noticed that some of the words I have typed seem to keep disappearing for some reason. I apologise in advance, especially if something important has been missed out and it looks instead like I'm being super harsh. I'm not, read this with some seriousness and then some tongue and cheek too because it's meant to be a positive comment.)
I had something similar with one of the heads of houses...
I was hugging and kissing a girl, in one of the rooms, as she walked past...and she actually did a double take with a look of horror written across her face. Afterwards I discovered that she was against it, I viewed it as a small victory against close mindedness. My friends and I still laugh about it to this day.

I'm not generally one for deep kissing or anything in public anyway, simply because I find it awkward and embarrassing... and if I'm eating I don't want to look up and see a couple eating each other's faces off...because eewww no, I want to finish my lunch before I lose the half I've just eaten please.

I don't mind hand holding, hugging of a light kiss or peck or something, but I just think anything more than that should be saved for somewhere private... so I'd have kicked that couple out of that dance haha.
April 13th, 2015
@Zin0: Hahahaha, I've done that before, forgot I named a character and come up with a different name only to rediscover it later.

I'm looking forward to finding it out, since "This guy" is probably going to become a bit tricker to refer to him as that as more characters are introduced haha.
March 25th, 2015
Poor Milo.

This guy is quickly becoming one of my favourite characters. His expressions and incredibly wrong deductions, based on a series of unfortunate events, always make me laugh. :D (Also when do we find out his name? Or have I just missed it somehow? In which case, oops, I'll be crying on the floor alongside Milo.)
@Zin0: Oh no! Shoulda used inner voice! Hahaha
Is it bad I'm so hoping her to hit the wrong person and accidentally hit the dude with the green bits in his hair.

I know it's really evil to hope that...but last time we saw him I just laughed. (The "Except I think he's in my English class. Damn!" just got to me haha)
Well, ladies you dealt with that far better, and for far longer than I would have, but I hate ignorance and bullying and I definitely hate the c-word. Evaline, you've achieved all three, multiple times.

Whilst I also don't agree with violence I can't say I'm upset about that right hook.
I think I scared my neighbours when I was all: "VICTORY!" when I read the first panel. I was clearly early with joining in the celebrations haha, still that's brilliant news.
November 3rd, 2014
I didn't even notice because I was gawking at the poster hahaha. *Terrible*
October 26th, 2014
Well I'm not really on Inkblazers, so I'll probably just wait on here for updates (depends if more comics I follow end up on Inkblazers, there's a few but not enough yet for me to jump ship here just yet haha), just hope you won't mind my dorky comments being like...months behind haha.

Also with blisters, try getting a clean pin and piercing it (obviously have tissues or something readily available to soak up the pus). I know it sounds crazy, but it'll release the pressure, and I normally find it hurts considerably less afterwards.)

Hope that helps. :D *Gross tip*
October 19th, 2014
I might* be interested, just let us know when it's happening :D

You don't need status updates for all of them, else you'd probably end up with more of my dorky messages hahaha.

(*Might as in: thinly disguised excitement over revelation.)
October 16th, 2014
Hahaha, it still looks alright to me, and if it makes it easier for you to get them done, then I can't complain about that :D.
October 16th, 2014
@Zin0: It is a word now :D

Also I keep getting ideas and plan on doing all sorts of stuff, and then someone (friend/family) asks me to draw a comic for them, and then I'm torn over which one to do and ultimately every project just ends up not happening. :c
October 11th, 2014

I don't even know how to put into words what I felt when reading these last few pages. D:

Also you tell him Daniel. Nothing to be ashamed for when it comes to crying. Especially if it's for a damn good reason.
October 11th, 2014
@ErrePi: I dunno, I remembered what was going on, which probably helped haha.

Understandable, being an adult is pretty draining, bills, work, fending for yourself, sleep if you're lucky haha.