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There's a page behind this one. Go see that one first. ;)
So many delays! :(
I'm really sorry about all of this delay, but truthfully, things have been kind of rough. I had finals and all that of course, and the colorist for this page actually was dealing with her son being diagnosed with something serious (something about his iron, I don't know for sure).

I haven't given up on this though, I promise! I know the pages come slowly, but if you're still sticking with me, you should know how much I love you!

Also, there's another page after this one.
October 25th, 2010
Sorry for the delay
I know it's been two months, and honestly, this has been sitting on my computer half finished for most of those two months. Life gave me a good hard swift kick in the you-know-where, and I just didn't have the time or energy to work on it.

I'm back at school, I've had some really difficult classes this semester, and worst of all, I lost my pet dog after 15 years. :(

I'm doing okay now, but I don't know when the next one will be out, so bare with me, okay? I appreciate you guys checking this out. I do love doing this comic so much, and I'll hopefully have more in store for you soon. ;)
I will bring you more, GeneralWinter, I promise. BSSE just went on a short hiatus (like all of my stuff) because I was going through some problems (mainly that my dog died), and I wasn't really focused on it. I'll try to get the next two pages to my colorists asap.
Colored by glowingwatereyes!
Colored by the brand new team member, Paprika-Studios!

It actually says sleep. :P It's very small font.
There are three pages behind this one. :D Read those first if you haven't yet.
Holy crap, I am. so. friggin. proud of this. This has got to be the best page I've done to date, and I'm soooo happy that I stayed up to finish it.
Boooooo. Text is hard. The text work on this page seems just awful to me. However, I still like the first and last panel.

Ben likes to make declarations for himself in writing apparently.
Punishment: Bart Simpson style.
Finally updated this. I had a lot of trouble with this page, and I think it shows how frustrated I was by the end of it. I feel like I need to say again that I do all the lineart of this comic with a mouse... a very crappy mouse. I hate my mouse so much right now.

So yeah, I know the last panel is probably the ugliest thing I've done in this entire comic, but yeah...
Beautifully done. Your artwork is so good and interesting to look at. I like how it was a little bit sketchy. It really added to the feel. Great work! I almost cried.
Part 02 begins now!

Colored by the wonderful Molly-sama!
Told you he was a jerk.
Red head = Bradley
Brunette = Arnold
Blonde = Taylor
Warning: Jerk-ass kids alert. This kid even pissed me off when I was drawing these pages.
lol, I'm not offended. He sorta does. XD
This is a double update. Read the page before this one. ;)

End of Part 01. I'll be bringing part 02 to you soon. :)

Colored by MollySama!
2 month delay... but with that a double update! :D There's another page after this one. ;)

Colored by EclairDuVerite!