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CurCur is:
- Finnish
- Younger than you think
- Annoying & stupid
- always on DA
- mean to her brothers
- up too late in the evenings
- neurotic and always stressed
- hooked on books, comics and coffee
- naive and childish
- A Wii-tard
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Uploading for coauthor
Because I'm a little shit and haven't updated Nerdalert in ages.
I will someday soon. I promise.
Meanwhile, enjoy comics based on the stress we're both experiencing! ( Okay I'm not doing NaNoWriMo, but still. Work and thesis and stuff)
Look, the other author is alive.

I'm a bad person.
I'm sorry.
...Isn't your steering wheel on the wrong side of the car?
Because two grown women and a Friday night means Minecraft wlan party, duh.
We're so cool.
Miss L's second Nerdalert appearance, I believe?

Yes, I'm still here.
Life update: summerjob at a museum, rather exciting, very time consuming. But I'm trying, I swear.
Might be a good idea to mention that you can follow our Twitter accounts!
Sanwall's twitter
CurCur's twitter
A good way to interact with us too, if you wish to!
Oh wow you guys, we're almost at 300 comics!
( I'm not late it's 11:59!)
Because what better to do than go test the playfields instead of actually doing your work?
I can never unsee it now.
Also, Sanwall is the epitome of class.
I find the fifth generation of pokemon pretty cool, but I do agree with my dear German friend: some of the designs deserve that golden star that says "you tried" in comic sans.

Also, have a fun Laskiainen/ Fastlag and Valentines day! And all other things you celebrate before the next Nerdalert is up!
Please, playing Through Fire and Flames is so much cooler on Guitar Hero than IRL.

A new vlog is coming up too, we just need some time. Unsurprisingly, those things take forever to edit!
January 16th, 2013
What's even creepier is that I though about saying "abrakadabra" or "please", but I decided for "buttsex" instead...
Not really a comic, I know; but we got you something even better to celebrate our lil' comic's 4th birthday!

go see here:

Well, Nerdalert still has two authors. I've just been a bad author. Very bad.

Therefore my New Years resolution: I will (try) get (somewhat) better at updating Nerdalert. Without Sanwall having to kick my butt.

Did you guys make any promises for the year 2013?
Less funny comic today. But I like it anyways.

Naturally I talked my brother into taking the license anyway. I need someone to drive me around now, don't I?

And my dad... Well, he's just old fashioned (except when it comes to glasses, as you can see).
I've picked up the habit to just make Sanwall her own tea, so she won't have to steal mine.

And if you haven't watched the Lizzy Bennet Diaries, you really should! Go youtube it, now!
And once again I came to the realization that Art History is full of geeks. It's wonderful.
Also, if you ever visit Turku and this neighborhood, I promise to personally be your guide. I mean it!


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And now you know the secret behind kalakukko.
Lovely traditional Finnish cuisine, huh?
Kalakukko is actually really nasty, I don't like it at all.

@KirtiMiko Nothing brings nations together like the sound of the ice cream truck! :D


The Official Nerdalert!Blog!
The Nerdalert Facebook-group!
Ask us questions on Formspring!
He honestly says stuff like this.
I don't know from where my brother takes all his happy attitude. It certainly does nor run in the family.

Ah yes, back to university. Summer was nice while it lasted!
I am very, very ashamed of myself
I really am.
I'm SO SORRY for not updating. I will make a change, I promise.

I know nobody wants to hear my excuses, but in case you were curious, here they are:
I'm back at my parents' place for the summer. I got a job at the -you guessed it- glue factory again this year. The pay is good and I really do need the money to be able to study again in the fall!
The problem with being in Espoo is that I do not have my stuff here. I have my essentials (i.e my computer and some clothes), but not everything I'm used to. And I have to share a room with my youngest brother (as my old room is now his) and boy does the bastard SNORE.

I have made a small buffer and I will update regularly. Or try to! You can have Sanwall slap me silly once she returns to civilization.

Ah, anyway, enjoy a comic of a regular day at my summerjob! Simply asking for more post-its is too mainstream!