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Quint t. W.
That's for long. Let's say you'll know me after some time if you want to.
I have to confess - I have never been to any camps.
Even if I was, I'd make this little chapter as absurd as I could make it.
Svěřím se vám - na žádném táboře jsem nikdy nebyl.
I kdybych byl, tak bych se tuhle kapitolku snažil vytočit do naprosté absurdity.
The next update is planned for 5. june. Over may I wish to organize my notes and pick the best story to continue with.
Další díl je naplánován až na 5. června. Přes květen si chci urovnat poznámky a vybrat, čím bude nejvhodnější pokračovat.
Příští díl bude mít dvojnásobnou délku, proto je možné, že bude zveřejněn později, než čekáte (nejdéle o týden).
The next part will be of double length, therefore it might come out later than you expect (a week later at most).
The beginning of this substory is two pages back.
Podpříběh začíná o dvě stránky zpátky.
Tak se konečně dočkal :)

Na tento strip jsem zkoušel trochu jinou techniku kreslení... Trvalo to s ní moc dlouho a výsledek je mizerný, takže to už nikdy neudělám.
His waiting finally ends :)

I tried to draw this strip by a different techique... It took me really long and the result is sub-par, so I won't do it ever again.
A pentagram is that famous five-point star. What he did draw is a pentagon.
I hope it's worth the wait.
Snad to za to èekání stojí.
Not for long, unfortunately.

Except on Smackjeeves it'll be wednesdays.
Heh, yeah, the boy's monster recognition skills suck :P
I'm not sure about that, but if you've ever heard of the "Tiger guy", you know some people are devoted enough to go that way.
I mě se z téhle idylky trochu zvedá žaludek. Ale moc možností, jak to rozepsat, jsem zrovna nevymyslel.
Naštěstí, pomalu přecházíme do druhé poloviny podpříběhu a ta by měla být zajímavější.
This idylic setting is making even me sick. But I wasn't able to think of a better setup.
Fortunately, we're almost in the second half of this sub-story, and that should be more interesting.
How much of it?

Basically, this is set in the past (story-wise), "explaining" how the werewolves from the previous story (TBF) came to be.

So far, we saw an escapee from the Lycanthrokin battles (WFMT story), Michael, being tited and hungry. He saw a barn and thought he might rest a while. He was found, however and thwacked unconscious with a shovel. Now he's waking up again.

... Well, atleast I tried to explain things.
About as dead as I am.

I needed some time to work on what's coming, tie loose ends and such. New episodes are coming in march starting wednesday 3rd (on the main site - this is actualy a mirror site now, and I decided to make it be one update behind, so saturday 6th).