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I know I really suck for my age, but enough ambition and willingness to go completely insane from drawing will keep me ahead.
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    Hey kid move
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Stiiiiiiiiiiiiill naked....
He's still naked.. o.o;;
Yes. I completely half-assed this page. Any more questions?
Goooey goooooey blood..
looks like snot, eh? 83
I messed up so much on that blood. I kept stopping and saying "Eh? Do I need more blood? Yeah.. I think I do.."
so now there's too much. >:
Hey.. hey...
Remember him? :3
I. love. Mam. xD
I love how Mam acts thus far. xD;; Reminds me of my crazy Italian father...
I AM out of me bloomin mind..
I'm not entirely sure about that one guy's accent yet. Sometimes he's thug british, other times he's American.. he can't make up 'is bloomin' mind! *shot 1232324324 times*
I think I laid the accent a bit thick in panel 4. He sounds more drunk that thug-british.
Smily face..
That hand in the first panel killed me, and still doesn't look quite right. Bah..
That trashcan in panel 3 is about ready to jump someone! D:
Hello, again..
Last panel = love.
everything else = hate.
Um, no-
That second panel is not what you think it is! D:
Why are the rooms all warped in this? My straight edge was a bit drunk...
Lazy text panel. It's almost like final fantasy, except not really...
New character..
I like that last panel.
I'm making this up as I go, so I just threw myself in there. :3
He's doing WHAT with the window sill now?
please ignore the fact that later on Liam lives in an inter-city apartment, not a suburbian house. That's all....
I don't wants tah die! D:
Remember what I said about page 3?
I was wrong.
THIS is the worst comic page ever. D:
Just shows how lazy I am at A)Storyboarding B)Inking C) And everything else.
Plus it's confusing.
For those of you who don't understand, Liam is attacking the vampire with lightning fast speed.
Panel 2 is pretty sweet. :)That's just my opinion of course...
You can see the back of Liam's ridiculous suit now. :D
At some point...
... Both the ninja turtles and all dragonball Z characters will rip apart the main character for copyright infringement.
I watched neither of those series, and they somehow leaked into my style subconciously.. D: terrifying, eh?