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Used to be Arcstrider Exo. Lol. Avid transformer and Destiny fan. Still hoping to become a published author or concept artist. If someone would for whatever reason want to find me elsewhere, I publish stories and art stuff here:
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He looks so devastated :'(
Oh boy...
C'mon ghost! :/

And yeah, Shadowkeep is so cool!
This is so cool! :)
At least he didn't fall back off the building.
I like this new style :P
So I'm rereading and...
@lazesummerstone: I saw that tower and immediately got Shadowkeep vibes.
Just wondering
@lazesummerstone: Do you ever plot out any of your comics? or do you just come up with it along the way?
September 26th, 2019
Ahhh.. and now I'm all caught up! This comic is so cool :)
This is so pretty!😍
Ahhh, I love this so far!
Oh boy....
Just realized I'm gonna have to balance schoolwork, Shadowkeep, AND Inktober...
@HonorBoundFate: maybe... no guarrentee you'd be able to get out.
September 19th, 2019
Simple enough of an answer. :p
September 19th, 2019

*this is why it is dangerous for me to have a favorite character*
Noooo, I'm all caught up now ;-;