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OMFG! YES I have been wanting to see her hair up for ages...Thank you for this.
Congrats :D
Ooh Yay an update :3
Oh no :( I love this comic. I don't want it to end.
and I am happy :D The last panel...just kills me with the sparkle.
Teehee, They just make me giggle. Awesome page love the "ooooooohhh"
November 17th, 2011
I think Yous sounds good :D Aww such an adorable page.
November 14th, 2011
sweet <3 Can't wait for more. Really love your style <3
November 13th, 2011
This looks very interesting :D So excited for more.
AH! I can sleep happy! Aww OMG I am Starting to like Assistant X Wallis.....but I am waiting for the true Wallis to appear <3
Aww..My heart just broke a little ;__;
October 23rd, 2011
Hahaha That is too perfect <3
Yes :D
Oooh Im excited! Truly I am :D
:( This makes me sad...Love the story.
I love this story!! The plot, the art EVERYTHING. It is my favorite. I do get sad at some parts :( but yes he going home!
Aww I am so sad it ended :( I loved it till the end! <3 GAH WHY!!
AWW D: It makes me feel all sad inside!
I feel so sad when I read this D: I love it so much <3
oooh Total job diss XD
oooh lalala
oh my ! thing is very interesting :D