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I need to stop missing updates.

Wonderful as always! :D
Huh... WHY does The Good prince sound sooooooooooo familiar?...

<_< >_>
For some reason, I've got this feeling the "Men are such pigs." line is totally Atsu's doing...

Lovely page again~
Ah, fans! Poor girl looks like she's about to faint, lol. :3
Guess I'll have to have a go at fanart now!

Won't be colored though. Shading ftw! >_>;
Well, he didn't run. He's got guts at least... but, his hair is sparkley so I guess it's a distraction.

They're silly people! :3
Congrats on the extra job, Aeli~

I feel bad for Donny... XD

Run Donny! Ruuuuuuuuun!!!!! >_>;;;
Hahaha, nice shameless advertising Aeli~ X3

Lovely as always<3~

I need a new comment...
Must get boring to hear after all this time...

but, Amazing as always~ <3
Looks lovely as always Aeli<3~

Must continue working on my anatomy...
Lot's of <33333333333333333333's for you, Aeri~
Hopefully you get your revenge agaisnt life soon.

I suggest... uhh... something.
Yay! <3~

It's wonderfull Miss Lita~
It's sooo romantic and cute~ :O
I was wondering when you were going to begin posting this..

Interesting intro. Can't wait to see where it goes. :3
Poor Adam D:

Oh well, everyoen else wins!
Marcus has hair hax! I want them too!! ;-;
Don't let school get you down Aeri! We all <3 you!~
Welcome Back~ <3

Camilllllllllllllllle~ *steals*
Oh noes! D: