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Im a writter, of various things... But for now Im writting scripts for "The Destiny of the Abyss", see you all there.
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It looks good
Alright, I LOVE IT and I hope that it doesn´t let me down, but if it´s you the one doing it, I know it won´t...
Who the scriptwritter could be?
Please, for the sake of mankind, read and understand this!
Don´t get lazy and get back to work xD
It seems pretty good so far... I´m really interested in this manga/comic/whatever... :)
It´s true, with all the things that happened in the last... 25 episodes i bet that nobody remembered the vampires thingy... I came to believe that even the autor forgot about that... Good thing I was wrong... xD
It was time already
I love the joey of the 2nd panel, you´ve really improved since you started Mortifer haven´t you?
Well, I look foward to keep reading it, so you better keep doing it
That´s what HE said
It´s cuz its the easiest joke ever and works for almost everything xD
And, about the movie, who knows, but remember that´s my script and Rothstein´s drawings...
That´s what SHE said
Think slow!
Good comic, I really like creepy stuff...
"The one who writes" message
And I promise it, it will be really good. Oh, sorry, seems like I haven´t introduced myself yet, Im the scriptwritter and I hope you all enjoy this history a lot, well, see you "all" then...
DEBES hacerlo
recomiendo a Etna de Disgaea... me interesaría verlo(el combate) xD
I believe in this chapter...
As i said in my last comment, i admire Joey, and this chapter seems to be turning into my favorite one (Why can it be?)

(and sorry if i make any mistake at writting, i normally speak/write in spanish so...)
This is how it had to be...
If i have to be sincere... i hated Valentine... And admired Joey...It´s Just that simple... Great chapter :)
The best of the best...
I have to say it... I LOVE this page... Joey saying what he says withouth the eyepatch it´s just... Perfect!
I wanna live! Why do i have to die?!Why?!
Every reader is gonna die after this
Run for your lives!
You will! I know!
other posible dialogues between Joey and anyone close to kole:
-First you´ll sleep. Then you´ll take kole away from me!!
-First you´ll wake up.Then you´ll take kole away from me!!
-First you´ll born. Then you´ll take kole away from me!!
-Frist you´ll breath.Then you´ll take kole away from me!!
That depends...
Joey:-You think i´m stupid?
What Val should respond:-Maybe... Do you want to remain inside the building on fire?

Oh, and congratullations for the 800 pages, i hope many more will arrive...
Burn to the ground! Burn!
Maybe because he´s a demon (i think...) he can burn things without any other logical reason... cool...
It hates you!
The eyepatch hates you, i knew it!
GREAT! what now?
I have been expecting this since the very first moment i started reading this comic (espescialy because of the banner of the page...) so... GREAT! what´s up next?
It was already very weird that a "Vampire-mercenary-killer" like val goes insane because he stabbed a demon, but even trough Joey caould have survived a later on kill him... i think that if someone tells you that is going to torture (more if its a demon) you will try to escape at the very first chance you get... EXCEPT if your Valentine (O_o)...