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Kratos Aurion
I like video games, computer, anime and i'm really lazy XD
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Back to school for me to. :( :( :( :( Today was the first day of school.

Anyway I'm guessing the story is getting close to the part where they are on the run to find the truth about Pikapi. Unless you decided to change the story. Can't wait to see what happens next. ^^

Oh and happy birthday, Dalek!
Wow! Your drawing has come a long way since you first started this awesome comic. ^^ I like the new banner.
Finally, an update! But the super special awesome BG makes it worth it.
Sorry I didn't comment on your last 2 pages, kinda busy. Wigglytuff looks evil in the second panel. O_o
Three electric Pokemon? You might wanna balance that out. Hope your having fun at camp!!! ^^
Happy Friday The 13th!!!
I have a week of school left.
Nice comic. Keep up the good work.