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My name is ManuelTFox
However after all these years, I now go by Kro Dragon.
I used to frequent this place a long in the past, and now it's sadly an empty shell of what i used to be.
I don't regret the time I've spent here, and returning has really made me smile for everything I've thought I've missed.
I loved doing these in my spare time, but now I hardly even look at sprite work or anything of its kind.
I feel like a fraud, but at the same time I'm at piece with who I am.
I thank everyone I've ever known that comes here and wonders about all the people they've used to talk to.
Maybe they come by to see if I've posted anything? Maybe they come by wondering "What's become of these people?"?
If you feel that way, I'd like to get in touch with you. Maybe I know some of the old artists you remember, maybe I don't.
I know I have my story to tell and I'm sure you're interested in them all.

If you'd like to find me, my current Hotmail email is correct. If you want to find me directly:
My Discord is Kro Dragon#2291
My Steam is : kro_dragon

Please don't hesitate to talk to me, I'm always open for those I may know, and for those who'd like to know me.
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    Manuel Fox
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I'll send you a pm, check it if you can <3
Can't believe you're still posting after all these years Shinigami. Hope you've been doing well.
It's been far too long, almost 8 years since we've met, hasn't it? :P

Either way, I'll be stickin' around more often now. Supposed boredom. Keep up your comics too. :D
Actually said: "SHUT THE HELL UP"

"The Best of Bandit Keith...In America" is Created by mixedupzombies
"Yu-gi-oh Abridged" Series is created by LittleKuriboh.
His sprite is a Sonic Sprite, the the original character was.. Randy the Squirrel? I knew it was a squirrel, Sonic, Mighty and Randy usually hung around alot before Knux and Tails.
Ugh, Shadow the Hedgehog 2?

That's like putting sprinkles on crap, and then you take a huge bite out of it, that's when you realise that it's still just crap.

*Is very happy this is fake*
Yeah, from what I've seen, the green one gives him an "Automatic" Homing ability which shoots off enemies kinda like his Ring Dash in Sonic Adventure 2 (Battle) and Sonic Adventure DX
"Pssssshhhhh.... Yeah.. We're gunna, uhh... Need you to come in.. Saturday.. and.. if you can.. on Sunday aswell.. Hmm.. yes..."
They're spirit of the their death
Link if you don't believe me.

"Spam Play - Goof Troop (0) Outtakes!" Is made by Tatsudoshi.
Hey! I happen to love Sally!!

Matrix Kitty

Big the Cat is secretly an undercover sp-- *Shot'd*

No, apperently Big can stop bullets with little effort.

Actually said : "My god, your theighs are big."
Link if you don't believe me.

"Whose Line: Scenes From A Hat 62" is Uploaded by 12Medbe.
Actually Said: I'm going to tear off your ****s and shove them right up your **s!!"
Link if you don't believe me.

Yami Yugi.. *Sigh* Well, I knew it was going to come down to this.

"Yami swears at Yugi XD" Is created by Jamanprince.
"Yu-gi-oh Abridged" Series is created by LittleKuriboh.
But go ahead with the referendum.
Actually said : "BRAH BRU BRU BRAH BRU BRAH!!"
Link if you don't believe me:

Those who've seen RayWilliamJohnson's "Condom Fight", You'll be lollin' at this.

"Beatboxing Dog" is created by VRSickGTi
Actually said : "Oh my head, no my crotch, wait, OW!"

Link to the video if you don't believe me.
"Let's Play F.E.A.R BLIND - 40 - Ninja" is made by Skoogage
You still come on here, Rachel? Oo.

Don't remember me, do ya'? :P