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you've never been the organized one...
maybe i could help =D
*gets to work on Scorp's sprite sheet immediately*
Pikachu is...teh smex *drooools*
everyone, hands off!!!
this one's mine!!! XD
stomach has exploded due to laughter of ash's slowness of brain and the arrow XD
Ash, you friggin pervert!!
everyone knows pika is a GUY!!!!!
and a smoking(!) pikachu...
but sooooo amazingly awesomely cool!!
i lurves and favs it!!!
teh hat says "BJ"
no worries Lancha, take your time
but don't stop teh comic
i envy your drawing skillz
Edit: btw, it's The Devil's Apprentice...from gaia XD
I guess my brother found you too XD
He's such a huge fan XD
i kept thinking he was a girl until that(!!) panel/....
"gee, i hav no idea"
~ ^A^
~ ^A^
~ ^A^
O_O srry, im so hyper >.<
oh crap...I think my mom heard me say oh fuck out loud...o_o
I've been throu this comic for like 50x and theres no update TToTT
BTW, I keep falling over laughing at how many people want to kill Mrs D. or swearing at the ruined moment.
I can't help myself...
~~~ Caffeine+Sugar=
Bad combination of me being Super Hyper Crazy Girl For 2 Days
*pounces on mrs dove*
dont answ her, just run dude!!
I luv this comic so much!! >.>
I would definately go with
"Go to hell ,lady"
Too much caffeine
dont listen to me
at all ^^
*runs around in super panic*
Its too soon for them to die!!!!
don't let them die!!!
TT_TT somebody save them
*Dies from exaustion from screaming and running*
^^ I totally agree with Neko Jin
hottie alert *drools* ^^