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not sure if i mentioned this before but this chapter is kind of a downer...
New Tumblr!
hey everyone been a while huh? i hope everyone is doing well! finally we're back! this is the start of volume three! Feel free to follow us for comic, con, and merch, announcements over on our new tumblr page!
late update!

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sounds like a challenge!

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Sorry I haven't been updating things got crazy be for Cheyenne comic con and then i had Denver Comic Con after that!

new prints are in my shop with free shipping if you spend $10.00 or more!

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soon I started penciling chapter 9 this week so hopefully i'll have a good buffer to come back in the fall
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looks like notte is in some hot water

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sorry for the delay today was kind of crazy
dreams are weird nightmares are worse

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Two pages as promised! I did two pages this week because I felt a little weird about having page 11 be the first thing people see for a week.

41 days until Cheyenne comic con!

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next update is going to be two pages

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sorry about the delay in pages. life got in the way but I should be able to catch up now

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Happy New Year!
It's a new year and finally time for some new pages! this is the start to volume two! some exciting stuff is going to happen in this volume!

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volume one is still available in my storenvy shop.
That's it for volume two! Don't forget you can purchase volumes one and two and have signed copies in my storenvy Or you can purchase unsigned copies on Amazon

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I'll work hard to get the next chapter out asap >w<
@Dusk:I wouldn't call it a rivalry and you'll see why soon :)
Update! Oscurare will be going on a small hiatus until I can get a side project done and finish thumbnailing chapter 5

In the meantime this is a good opportunity to read my other comic spider wings which updates on Thursdays

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@AngelicaAgelviz: she'll be revealed soon :)
This has been one of my favorite pages to work on so far.

Vol 2 preorders end in one week! Also volume one is still in my shop too

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pre-order volume one today!