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Hey everyone! we're going to have new pages posting until August! sorry for the huge delay in updates but if you follow my facebook you'll know i've had a lot of personal issues pop up through the year.

I also have a Patreon now and you can read the newest pages on the $1.00 tier.

****thanks for reading and supporting spider wings!!****
not sure if i mentioned this before but this chapter is kind of a downer...
New Tumblr!
hey everyone been a while huh? i hope everyone is doing well! finally we're back! this is the start of volume three! Feel free to follow us for comic, con, and merch, announcements over on our new tumblr page!
soon I started penciling chapter 9 this week so hopefully i'll have a good buffer to come back in the fall
That's it for volume two! Don't forget you can purchase volumes one and two and have signed copies in my storenvy Or you can purchase unsigned copies on Amazon

*****thanks for reading and supporting spider wings!*****

I'll work hard to get the next chapter out asap >w<
@Dusk:I wouldn't call it a rivalry and you'll see why soon :)
Update! Oscurare will be going on a small hiatus until I can get a side project done and finish thumbnailing chapter 5

In the meantime this is a good opportunity to read my other comic spider wings which updates on Thursdays

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@AngelicaAgelviz: she'll be revealed soon :)
This has been one of my favorite pages to work on so far.

Vol 2 preorders end in one week! Also volume one is still in my shop too

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pre-order volume one today!
Volume two is still available!!! this volume contains a special extra short chapter featuring checker and shia! pre-order today to save $5.00!…/12826954-spider-wings-volu…
sorry that was my fault i forgot to put the black border on the last page. sorry for the confusion.
Sorry it took me so long to fix the issues for some reason I skipped a week when setting up the timers =_= but now its fixed so hopefully it wont happen again.
First off Thanks for adding it here and the awesome comment!I chose to post on smackjeeves over taptastic because I started this comic on smackjeeves it was spider wings first home. I haven't really looked into taptastic much but what I have seen is vertical scrolling and I'm not sure the comic would read well that way.I hope I made sense in answering your question :)

Thanks again for reading!
i am so sorry for neglecting smackjeeves!!!! but starting January 5th Oscurare will be exclusively on smackjeeves (due to inkblazers shutting down) also we are nearing the end of book one!!!! chapter 4 starts the 5th

***thanks for reading and waiting!!!!***
Spider Wings will be going on a hiatus until January so i can work on the next few chapters. I'll be posting works in progress and details if they change on the spider wings facebook page!
thanks for reading so far and hope to see you when spider wings returns!!!
hey everyone! finally updated after a month! ^^; sorry about that! i'll be updating regularly until the end of the chapter and then the comic will be going on a hiatus.

thanks for sticking with me!!
September 11th, 2014
update!! this chapter is almost over everyone!!!

then i might need to take a hiatus to get the next chapter in order...

***thanks for reading!!!***
***thanks for reading!!***

this chapter is almost over! after the chapter is over i'm taking a brief hiatus to work on the next chapters and also to do a short story for volume two! (which is almost finished)i'll post more info on the hiatus when the final page of chapter 7 is posted.
shocking isn't it? loo